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BJ'S BLOG 02/07/14 "Look Back"

Happy Friday, folks! 
It's been a memorable week for the city of Seattle, but pretty much everyone else on the planet had a chance to revisit some of their own memories, courtesy of Facebook's new "Look Back" video feature. 
It's a nice enough feature - cheesy music aside - but a Rock-A-Holic named Mark saw something he didn't like in his wife's video: photos of her with her ex-boyfriend. She says she didn't even realize she still had them on her page. Keeping them in her public photo section allowed the "Look Back" program to select them for the video. 
Mark is pretty fired up over this, and the whole thing makes me wonder: What are your thoughts on social media, and the way that so many aspects of our lives are catalogued and retained for others to access? Do we have an obligation to erase our past whenever we have a new partner? 

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02/07/2014 8:29AM
BJ'S BLOG 02/07/14 "Look Back"
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02/07/2014 11:05AM
It's part of her life. If it pisses him off, then he has trouble accepting reality. The video is a reflection of the past 10 years of HER life not THEIR life. Get over it, dude!
02/07/2014 11:08AM
Enough said.
02/07/2014 11:22AM
Welcome to the internet
It depends on the context of the pictures she was in with the ex. The fact that she claims she had no idea they were there still makes it sketchy ESPECIALLY since you can view and delete pictures any time. I wouldn't say one would need to erase the past but own up to it. She could have at least admitted she knew they were there and tell him WHY she kept them. (Maybe she liked the picture of herself, and didn't give two shakes about the dude that was included) If you aren't comfortable enough in your relationship to trust one another explicitly then there's something more going on than exs in pictures.
02/07/2014 11:28AM
I completely agree the rock-a-holic above. This is the main reason why I hate facebook so much. Too many people take photos or status updates way to seriously. The only reason it's a tolerable thing is it's easier to stay in touch with peopleno matter how far away they are. Other then that all it does is creates fuel for drama.
02/07/2014 2:01PM
This dude isn't a Rock-a-holic; he's a b***h
Grow up dude. Before you, your woman has had many good and bad times with many people. We keep pictures, letters and other mementos to remind us of those times. Because of your whiny b***h @55, she gets to keep the memory of the mini-man she broke up with in 2014,
02/08/2014 11:51AM
History is just that ... History. you don't delete them, because they no longer matter...
02/17/2014 3:31PM
I hate social media
I signed up for MySpace back in Oct '03 because some dude was in a band & told me to check out the pics he had on his band's page. You have to be a member to view pics, so I signed up for it. Then forgot about it. Less than a year later, MySpace was the "in" thing and everyone had a page. I saw someone working theirs over & just sat there unimpressed. I remembered I had one but since I hadn't done anything with it, I didn't remember any of the details from when I set it up, so I was essentially invisible. Then I got two messages through MySpace from people I'd known in the past. One I was overjoyed to reconnect with (who now it turns out lives 2hrs from me), the other was someone I never wanted to talk to or see again; but who didn't seem to get the point when I last saw her how I felt about her. So I changed all my personal info except for astrological sign, deleted everything and changed the message to basically "FOAD" (think about it). Two years after that, facebook showed up, then twitter shortly afterwards. I've had people as far back as 2005 and as recently as yesterday try to convince me that I needed to sign up for fb &/or twitter. Uh, no. If I've resisted the urge to do that for the last 8 yrs, I'm not going to be changing anytime soon. And I love how people always defend social media by saying "it's a great way to stay in touch with people." Uh, hello? Isn't that what the phone, and later email, was invented for? I hate and detest social media with a burning passion, and the people who live their lives by it or otherwise allow themselves to be defined by their fb statuses are utter twits I want nothing to do with. I don't need social media to stay in touch with people important to me. Basically, whether you're someone I used to hang out with or knew from school or someone I just met at a Roger Waters concert, if I wanted you in my life, you'd already BE there.
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