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BJ?S BLOG 02/08/12 "Women Proposing"

Yesterday we read a survey done by OK Magazine saying that 63% of men would say “yes” if their girlfriends proposed.  I couldn’t believe it; that's almost two-thirds!

The survey also found that only 70% of women say they'd say "yes" if their boyfriend proposed right now and that women are 12% more likely than men to say yes to a proposal in the first year of a relationship.

Is this really what we’ve become as men? We don’t get anything in a relationship anymore! The wedding, how the home gets decorated, and even the whole birthing process of our children is completely up to the women. We get very little to no say or power anymore in anything; and on top of that all, it’s the women are the ones who are dropping to one knee and presenting a ring?

If we are going to throw every tradition out the window, let’s just throw the tradition of monogamy out as well! Trust me, once monogamy is no longer a tradition or if prostitution became legal, you will see we will see that the behavior of wives and girlfriends change.

 If men can just pay someone to do everything for him like cook, clean, and then find someone to have sex with him, the behavior of women everywhere will change to be more loving and accommodating to their men.


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02/08/2012 10:52AM
BJ’S BLOG 02/08/12 "Women Proposing"
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02/09/2012 4:30PM
Excellent point, but there's one more to make.
I did some calculations, adding up the cost of my wife and kids and found that it would also be cheaper to hire someone to do all those things. Additionally, I'd have more free time to pursue my own interests.
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