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BJ'S BLOG 02/11/14 "Texts From an Ex"

There’s definitely a winter chill in the air, but you can always warm up with a visit to Group Therapy!  We’re helping out a steaming-mad Rock-A-Holic woman named Joanna today, so feel free to huddle around the fire of her text-message rage, folks!
Joanna’s boyfriend has been getting texts from his ex-girlfriend, and Joanna isn’t happy about it. The boyfriend actually showed her one of the texts, in which the ex says she wants to meet up to return his shirt. That seems nice enough, right?
Well, maybe not. Joanna’s man and this woman have been apart for a year now, so it’s not like returning the shirt has been a priority for anyone. Plus, this woman says she wants to visit Joanna’s boyfriend’s kids “because she misses them.” Did I mention that the mother of these children is obviously neither the ex-girlfriend nor Joanna?
Joanna thinks that the ex-girlfriend is trying to steal her man, but the boyfriend says there’s no problem. I can’t help thinking that this guy doesn’t take much time between his relationships, if he has a current girlfriend…an ex from one year ago…and kids from at least one previous relationship!  That’s not a crime, but it’s worth taking into consideration.
What do you think Joanna should do? Is this automatically a bad situation, or is Joanna rushing to judgment? What kind of “talking to exes” rules do you keep in your relationships?

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02/11/2014 7:55AM
BJ'S BLOG 02/11/14 "Texts From an Ex"
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02/17/2014 3:19PM
Advice for Joanna
I think she should give her man the opportunity to meet up with the ex, but in a public place and with Joanna present. Let the shirt returning commence, and then the ex spins on her high heels & disappears into the ether. That way he gets his shirt back, the ex knows he's very spoken for, and Joanna has closure on the two of them. That way, if after this incident he contacts the ex again, he'll be Joanna's ex!
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