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BJ'S BLOG 02/12/14 "Cheating on Homework"

Sharpen up those pencils, class! Group Therapy is now in session, and there will be a quiz on today’s topics.
Just kidding!
(Can you imagine if we really did have a quiz to see who was paying attention during these blog sessions? By the way, what were we just talking about? I was distracted by something shiny. OH! It’s the internet. So, what was I doing?)
We heard from a Rock-A-Holic named Greg, who is frustrated with his son’s college work ethic, or lack thereof. The kid goes to school in Phoenix, but he stays in touch with Greg.
Recently, Greg jumped in and helped his kid with a paper about the Beatles (who are celebrating The 50th Anniversary of their American Arrival.)…but dear old Dad’s enthusiasm took over, and Greg ended up writing most of the paper for his son. You can argue the merits of that situation until the sun comes up, but another problem soon reared its head:
The paper was too good, and the teacher recognized that it was well above the kid’s usual level. The teacher confronted Greg’s son after giving him an A-grade for the assignment. Worried that he might damage his academic career, Greg’s son took credit for the paper…but now he feels guilty about it.
Greg is fully aware that the situation is wrong at the base level, but he feels like a confession would only make things worse. His standpoint is simple: as long as the kid learns a lesson and doesn’t repeat the mistake, this matter can just stay in the past, and no one’s reputation or academic standing has to be affected by it.
Have you ever faced this situation, either with your own children, or through firsthand experience during your school years? How did you handle it?
If you have any comments and/or advice for Greg, please pass them along. When you’ve completed the blog reply, put down your No. 2 pencil and wait quietly for further instructions…

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02/12/2014 6:57AM
BJ'S BLOG 02/12/14 "Cheating on Homework"
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02/12/2014 11:15AM
I believe in helping when I had children but help is one thing. Doing the paper is over the limit. Especially on a college level. I have to wonder how the boy got in. Was it by his grades or his dads? Dan S
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