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 BJ Shea

BJ'S BLOG 02/13/13 "Zombie Prank"

Yesterday on the show we played audio of the latest zombie prank someone pulled off. 

Now we’ve seen pictures of people hacking into the electronic road work signs warning people about a zombie invasion, but these pranksters took it to another level. 

Someone hacked into the emergency alert system in Montana to warn the residents of a zombie attack, and it actually aired on the CW network! 

Here is a video of what it looked like: 

That was the Emergency Alert System! We have a test that plays on our station regularly! The point of the Emergency Alert System (EAS) is to warn us in case something bad happens, and some jack-a-lope decides to hack into it! 

How can we trust the EAS in case something bad does happen! I used to believe that certain parts of the government are impenetrable…at least I did until I saw something like this happen. 

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02/13/2013 7:27AM
BJ'S BLOG 02/13/13 "Zombie Prank"
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