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 BJ Shea

BJ'S BLOG 02/21/12 "New Arena"

Last Friday we talked about how Seattle may be getting a new arena and new basketball and hockey league.

It’s exciting to hear that Mayor McGinn and Dow Constantine want this to happen because it could really help Seattle become a true sports city.

Steve pointed out though that there are many people complaining about the traffic and the increased number of people a new arena would bring. These are the people who just don’t like sports but have no problem spending who knows how much extra money putting little salmon on overpasses or paying for art that is only visible while on a plane. They are also the people who wanted the design of Century Link Field to be artistic with fancy touches.

Those people want to spend ridiculous amounts of money on “art” for the city because they think it adds to the beauty of the city and brings a cultural experience to the Seattle. Well guess what? Sports do the same thing!

People who are not sports fans, (and are usually the white collar workers) don’t care to bring new teams in; it’s the blue collar workers who are the true fans and without them, you white collar workers wouldn’t be able to do your jobs, so let’s give them the sports teams they deserve.

Not only would a new arena bring two sports teams, but imagine the new restaurants and bars that would open up and the jobs from the construction that would be available!

I don’t know why a city this size doesn’t understand that.


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02/21/2012 6:59AM
BJ'S BLOG 02/21/12 "New Arena"
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