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BJ'S BLOG 02/28/14 "Mama's Boy"

Sometimes, Group Therapy is a little bit like a family. Yep...just one big, weird, deeply disturbed family. 
Betsy is having some serious problems with her boyfriend's mother. The boyfriend complains when his mother isn't around, but their relationship turns weirdly clingy when she is. 
In short, Betsy is dating a Mama's Boy, and his mother loves to push that in Betsy's face whenever the opportunity arises.
What say you, Rock-A-Holics? Do you have the mother of all good advice for Betsy?

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02/28/2014 8:18AM
BJ'S BLOG 02/28/14 "Mama's Boy"
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02/28/2014 11:13AM
Get the f*** out.
You gotta kick that mama's boy to the curb. A real man loves his mother, and treats her with respect, but keeps her at arms length. He is devoted to his woman, but does not need a mother anymore, because he is a real man. He chooses a lover and a partner, but does not need a mother to coddle him. That guy will turn out to be weak in a crisis, and will need her to play the mommy role eventually. How gross is that? Just my two cents.
02/28/2014 12:02PM
It won't get any better than this.
If this is unacceptably awkward, you have to get out. At the beginning of a relationship, his mother and the boyfriend are on their best behavior and if this is the best she is getting from both of them, it won't get any better. Imagine having children and the grandmother role she'd play in the situation? No thanks, I don't need his mother trying to mother my children and having her push that in my face too!
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