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BJ'S BLOG 03/01/13 "Panhandling"

Yesterday we talked about a Kentucky man named Gary Thompson who pulls in $100,000 a year…by panhandling! 

Gary rolls around in a wheelchair because he says he has difficulty walking and also pretends to be mentally handicapped to get sympathy and money!

In the video, he is confronted by a news station and he shows his “panhandling voice” and his real voice: 

Bogus beggar busted

This is why I don’t give my money to panhandlers. Americans don’t want to hear that because some people get a high when they think they've helped someone in need. There are chemicals in their brain that make them feel good when they have done something charitable. People are doing these nice things for the “high” more so than actually helping someone. 

This is why I’ve always called BS when someone is bragging about their charitable work; they are feeling good doing it. It’s those who suffer and really sacrifice that I give credit to, not the average person who gives a few bucks to a person on the streets, just so they can feel good about themselves.    

There was a study a few years back that I read that said that 50%-75% of the people begging for money on the streets are scamming you. 

I think it is absolutely stupid to give money to the homeless on the street. I’m not saying don’t be charitable or to not help the downtrodden, but why not put your money where you know people are going to do the right thing with it? Go to a charity like Northwest Harvest where they provide food to people who need it!

If we really want to help the homeless, we should start a government system where we put them in one of three places, a homeless shelter where they can get food and a place to sleep, a mental institution, or rehab. This way, they will be getting the help they need and they won’t be on the streets.  

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03/01/2013 7:31AM
BJ'S BLOG 03/01/13 "Panhandling"
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03/01/2013 12:11PM
what a shame
karma will be a b***h for that guy! Watch he will scoot across the street to get a buck from some sucker and end up getting hit by a truck (better hope hes using that 100k for good health insurance)
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