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BJ'S BLOG 03/04/13 "Parking Spot"

On Friday, Steve the Producer shared a problem he is having with two women…over a parking space!

Steve arrives at the station at four in the morning and has been parking in the same exact spot for the last three years.  Recently, these two women have been stealing his spot when he gets there a few minutes late. It’s four in the morning…there is at least twenty other spots opened at this time!

When Steve was getting ready to get out of his car on Friday and had the door opened, they pulled up and waited so they could back up in the spot next to his. When he asked them to park somewhere else, they said they like that spot and wanted to park there!

I am the same way about my parking spot I’ve had for years; on average men are very territorial by nature so when something like this happens, it does sour our mood.  If I knew it was someone’s spot, even if it wasn’t an “assigned spot” I would still respect that and let the guy have his area.
Some women think that they are allowed to go anywhere. I would never throw out anything that didn’t belong to me yet I’ve known some women to think that they can do that to me.  I have a small space in the house that is mine, yet my wife has tried to take over and do stuff in there and I asked her why she felt the need to do this when the rest of the house was hers to do with what she’d like!

Most women understand this concept but there are some women who don’t get the concept of not taking away a man’s territory.

People need to understand, boundaries, that is all we ask for; please respect our space and we will respect yours.

03/04/2013 7:55AM
BJ'S BLOG 03/04/13 "Parking Spot"
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03/05/2013 9:47AM
Grow up
It's not STP's spot. Put your big girl panties on and pick another spot to be yours. ::eyeroll::
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