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BJ'S BLOG 03/05/13 "Pop-Tarts"

Yesterday during the Lukewarm Topic, we read a story about how a 7-year-old got suspended…over a Pop-Tart!
Second grader Josh Welch from Maryland got suspended for two days after a teacher saw him chew his Pop-Tart in the shape of a gun.
Josh explained that it wasn’t his intention to make it look like that. He said, “All I was trying to do was turn it into a mountain but, it didn’t look like a mountain really and it turned out to be a gun kinda.”
Here is the video where Josh talks about it:
I cannot begin to say how dumb this is. This is an example of overly emotional people making decisions that should be made by rational people. 

This is a big problem in our society. The average man knows that this is no big deal but I think that the average women freaks out about this kind of thing. 

I know there is gun violence in this country, I understand that but there has always been violence in this world and overacting over the littlest thing isn’t going to help the situation. 

An accidental “gun shaped” Pop-Tart isn’t a threat and is a lame reason to get suspended. 

Talk about making a mountain out of a mole hill; everyone is so afraid that an innocent 7-year old get’s kicked out of school.  This is fear ruling the day and when that happens…no one is safe.  

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03/05/2013 9:39AM
BJ'S BLOG 03/05/13 "Pop-Tarts"
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03/06/2013 2:52AM
Just as many men do it
Sadly, this is another case where "Zero Tolerance" a.k.a. "Zero Intelligence" rears its ugly head. This is an age where you can get suspended for bringing guns that measure a couple millimeters in length (from your GI Joe action figures) and for dealing drugs -- that is, bringing throat lozenges to school. And, in the vast majority of these cases, there is a male principal meting out justice. It's gotten out of hand. There's enough to be scared of without manufacturing threats.
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