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BJ'S BLOG 03/05/14 "Jealous Girlfriend "

 Hey, gang! Welcome back to another edition of Group Therapy! If you’re a Rock-A-Holic who needs some advice, we’re ready and willing to help!
How far is too far when it comes to jealousy? That’s the question on the mind of Paul, whose otherwise-wonderful girlfriend is – his words, here – “extremely jealous.” (This is already sounding like a bad deal to me. Still, we carry on.)
Is it another woman triggering the girlfriend’s jealousy? Not exactly; the source of the problem is a gift from another woman. Specifically, a 2005 Chicago White Sox championship jersey, covered in team signatures, that is framed and hanging up in Paul’s house.
What an amazing souvenir. I’m sincerely jealous that Paul has this incredible piece of sports memorabilia…but it’s the healthy, manly, sports-related kind of jealousy, so that’s totally okay.
This particular item was a gift from Paul’s ex-special-lady. The new girlfriend has given Paul an ultimatum: if they move in together, he has to sell the jersey, or simply get rid of it. Love has blinded Paul to a considerable degree, because he’s actually trying to figure out a way to compromise.
Personally, I think that the new girlfriend sounds like the exact opposite of championship material, and Paul should send her back to the minor leagues. Let’s hear what you have to say…

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03/05/2014 7:14AM
BJ'S BLOG 03/05/14 "Jealous Girlfriend "
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03/05/2014 11:53AM
Ultimatums are BS anyway way reguardless of the situation. Minor league hell, he should just cut her from the team and and go after a better free agent!
03/05/2014 11:53AM
She needs to get over it. Good lord..
03/05/2014 12:29PM
If it was a framed picture of his ex-girlfriend, I would understand. But this is a once in a lifetime jewel. Simply ridiculous. Paul should keep the jersey and ditch his girl.
03/05/2014 12:46PM
ultimatums are childish
keep the jersey and tell her you don't do ultimatums. I highly doubt it holds any serious value relationship wise to the ex girl. I as a lady would think ok he likes sports and take note so that I could be better and know him better and know what he likes...
03/05/2014 1:04PM
She has issues.
If she is jealous of an inanimate object that your ex got you, then she has issues. If you appreciate something for what it is and not for who gave it to you then who cares? Your current girlfriend needs to understand that and get over it. This is definitely something you should talk about with her and explain and if she still has issues with it, then she doesn't truly love or trust you and you will be better off.
03/05/2014 3:11PM
Don't Give In!
It's not like it's a photo of his ex or her sexy underwear, it's a once in a lifetime collectors item. If she can't understand that, then she's not worth keeping. If this is the first serious demand that she has of him, how many more, and worse demands, will come? Keep the jersey, ditch the b!tch if you need to.
03/11/2014 7:45AM
RE: Don't Give In!
As a girl, I totally understand, I do think he shouldn't have told her where it came from though. But now that we've seen her true colors, maybe he should just ditch her. -
03/13/2014 11:22AM
Washington Wanker
Dump the ho!
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