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 BJ Shea

BJ'S BLOG 03/07/13 "Spending Allowance"

Yesterday during Group Therapy, we read an email from a Rock-A-Holic named Christine who needed a second opinion.

Christine is 36-years-old and is very successful business woman.  After her and her husband had kids, her husband decided to quit his job and be a stay at home dad.

Every month, she gives her husband an allowance of $1,200 for groceries, stuff for the kids, and whatever else they may need and he is totally fine with this.  

When she mentioned it to her peers in the office, they thought the whole idea was crazy! One of her business partners even asked if his “boys” are in her purse and if he has to ask permission to use them.

She wanted to know if this is weird and if by doing so, she is emasculating her husband.

I have to commend her and her husband for finding a way to have a stay at home parent and make it work. 

I believe this country would be in a much better state if more and more families did this. It doesn’t matter if it’s the mom or dad that stays at home while the other makes it happen at work, it is immensely much more beneficial for the kids and society in the long run. 

Guys do bring something to the table when it comes to raising kids that women don’t and vice versa, but either is still a better situation then having both parents working.

Christine sounds like a caring wife who cares about her kids and wants to make sure things are cool with her husband so it shouldn’t matter what others have to say.

People need to just do what is best for their family and ignore those who want to give their “two cents.” Most of the time, it’s not even worth that much.

03/07/2013 8:28AM
BJ'S BLOG 03/07/13 "Spending Allowance"
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03/07/2013 11:04AM
Gender roles
I'm trying to think about what would happen if the situation was reversed. If a man gave a woman an allowance, he would certainly not have her ovaries in his wallet. As gender roles change so should our attitude towards them. I must admit, I think women would think its unfair if we have them an allowance to stay at home. But I think that would also be fair.
03/07/2013 1:04PM
This isn't an "allowance"
This isn't an "allowance", it's a budget. An allowance would be $XX for cosmetics, entertainment, and coffee. My Hugs and I have a budget. "Don't spend more than $xx".
03/07/2013 2:13PM
She makes the money
Obviously she is in a career that is making her more than enough to afford this $1200 in addition to other bills, mortgage, etc I'm sure. The savings in babysitters alone I'm sure has been huge. In addition, the children having a parent rather than relying on a babysitter or school I believe is psychologically good for the kids development. I must agree with BJs logic here completely.
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