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BJ'S BLOG 03/08/13 "Keeping Ex?s Texts"

 Earlier this week, we read an email we received from a Rock-A-Holic named Gus who was having an issue with his wife and her old phones.

Gus is 38-years-old and his wife is 35 and he describes her as a very sentimental and emotional person. 

She has a stack of three old cell phones that he’s told her to just erase and then donate them since she will never use them again.

The reason she says she doesn’t want to get rid of them is because she still has text messages from her ex-boyfriends on there.

Gus wanted to know if it’s ridiculous that she is holding on to these emotional texts since they are now married or if he’s in the wrong to ask her to get rid of them.

She says there is nothing scandalous on her phone like nude photos, but let’s be honest; some women pretend that physical interaction is more scandalous but they really get more out of the emotional connections making it the more dishonorable of the two. The emotional component of these texts, all of the “I love you”s and the “I miss you”s are what sparks the connection to these past guys.
I will admit that I still have a few letters from my high school girlfriend and the yearbook where she wrote in but I know it’s not that important. If my wife were to come up to me and politely told me that these things bothered her, I respect her enough to do so.

That’s what it all comes down to, respect and what Gus’s wife is doing is disrespectful.

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03/08/2013 8:57AM
BJ'S BLOG 03/08/13 "Keeping Ex’s Texts"
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03/08/2013 12:35PM
Sounds like a tricky Nicky, throw them away while she is gone
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