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BJ'S BLOG 03/11/13 "Richard Sherman VS Skip Bayless "

On Friday we talked about how Richard Sherman continued his legacy of smack talk while on ESPN’s “First Take” last week.

I’d like to say first of all that I am so happy Richard is on our team not only because he is a great player but he is the king of smack talk! I don’t think there is anyone better than him at smack talk. 

I believe that the Seahawks are going to be one of the most watched teams next year because of how we finished up the last season and because of the great group of players we have including Richard.

ESPN personality Skip Bayless was also on the show, and he’s been rather critical of Richard for the last few months, but Sherman was up for the task to go head to head with him.

Earlier in the show, Skip said that Richard wasn’t even in the same league as the Jet’s All Pro DB Darrelle Revis. 

Here is the video: 

Skip starts off asking Richard how good he thinks he is and Richard responds: "I believe my numbers speak for themselves. You can say whatever you want. Skip can say whatever he wants. But Skip, whenever you refer to me, whenever you speak to me, whenever you address me, address me as 'All-Pro Stanford graduate' because those are some accomplishments you'll never -- you can aspire to, you'll never accomplish."  

When Skip tries to say he has accomplished more in his career than Richard has in his, this is how the conversation goes: 

Sherman: "So, I'm at the top of my field. I'm All-Pro. I'm one of the best 22 players in the NFL. You're going to brush it off, but I don't think you're the best 22 anything. In sports, in media, in anything."
Bayless: "That's debatable."
Sherman: "You think more of yourself that you actually can prove."
Bayless: "OK, do you think you are better than Darrelle Revis is right now?"
Sherman: "In my 24 years of life, I'm better at life than you."
Bayless: "OK, all right, that's fair, all right."
Sherman: "Let's get down to brass tacks."
Bayless: "Let's not get personal here. I just want to know --"
Sherman: "It's not personal. It's resume."
Bayless: "Do you think you're better than Darrelle Revis is right now?"
Sherman: "I'm better than you. I have nothing to say about him. That is pretty much done. My numbers speak for themselves."

I love how Skip says “let’s not get personal” when that is all that they do! Its business when they say how they think a person is doing out on the field and Richard is just doing the same thing when he talks about how Skip is doing at his profession. 

Also, it’s sad to see that someone who’s job is to be a professional speaker get owned in a debate.

Richard kicked his ass with logic and facts while Skip kept trying to bate him into criticizing other players. 

Not stopping there, Richard went on to call Skip "ignorant, pompous, egotistical."
Also, Skip talked over Richard when he tried to talk about S.W.A.G. or “Student With A Goal,” which is a group of educators, advocates, and youth dedicated to achieving academic success for every student.

Some sportscasters just seem to know numbers and nothing more. Skip needs learn how to lose and how to be gracious, hell, he didn’t even know he lost to Richard.

I am proud to have a player as intelligent and hard working as Richard Sherman play for our Seattle Seahawks.

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03/11/2013 7:49AM
BJ'S BLOG 03/11/13 "Richard Sherman VS Skip Bayless "
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06/07/2013 1:24PM
Just saw this. Richard Sherman came across uneducated, juvenile and classless. There were no facts, logic or debate. Just personal attacks. Do they not teach Public Speaking at Stanford. Bayless is towards the end of a 20 year journalist career. He is an a$$. But an accomplished a$$. Richard Sherman just guaranteed he'll never be an NFL analyst after his career is over. He just keeps burning bridges. Yelling and spouting nonsense does not make you a good debater. It makes you a woman.
01/20/2014 5:12PM
BJ'S BLOG 03/11/13 "Richard Sherman VS Skip Bayless "
He did not ever yell, or raise his voice. I'm pretty sure that he has a degree in communications from Stanford, the man is smart. Just because he talks smack, does not mean that he is a bad person. He backs up everything that he says. Bayless, talks over him this entire piece. Doesn't even let him finish. I do not think Sherman comes across as Juvenile. I don't understand why he has to continue to defend himself. HE IS ONE OF THE BEST IF NOT THE BEST CORNER IN THE LEAGUE. His numbers speak for him. His tape speaks for him. And i'm SO tired of people putting this man down because he gets PUMPED up!
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