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BJ Shea

 BJ Shea

BJ'S BLOG 03/11/14 "Girls Kissing Girls...Cheating?"

Hello again, folks! It’s time to pucker up for some Group Therapy!
Rachel’s boyfriend is mad at her because she kissed another girl at a party. He freaked out right on the spot, screaming and yelling, and even accused her of cheating on him. Rachel claims “there wasn’t even any tongue,” and doesn’t understand why he’s making a big deal about it.
They’re both in their early 20s, and Rachel says that this is just “what girls do.” Meanwhile, the boyfriend hasn’t spoken to her for several days. Rachel says her boyfriend is a big fan of our show, and she’s counting on the Rock-A-Holics to help her prove him wrong.
But…will you prove him wrong? I’m not so sure about that, but I am sure that this question deserves some answers from the real world.
When a girl -- in a relationship with a guy -- kisses another girl, is it cheating? 

03/11/2014 7:31AM
BJ'S BLOG 03/11/14 "Girls Kissing Girls...Cheating?"
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03/11/2014 11:23AM
Cheating? No. Silly fun? More than likely...
Or drunken debauchery, either way a kiss at a party isn't cheating...especially if said BF is standing right there... Now, if there was more than kissing behind closed doors and he didn't know and no one was telling...That would be cheating...
03/11/2014 12:00PM
Not cheating!
Girls do girly things. Hug, kiss and hold hands. Is it cheating if girls go into a locker room and change with other girls? The guy should put himself in her shoes. Is it cheating if a man gives a hug to another guy or if they are best friends kiss themon the cheek? Some guys think it's gay but just another sign of affection. But if she's just doing it for attention rather than friendly affection she's in the wrong.
03/11/2014 12:07PM
If a man kissed another man.....
It would be cheating. Yes. Tongue or not.
03/11/2014 12:12PM
He needs to relax
Jesus, they are in their 20s, how serious could they possibly be? He is insecure, she should dump him. If she makes out with another chick, they should talk about what it means, and if it's a boundary that they both agree on, fine. Technically kissing can be cheating, but it was in public, he was there, there was alcohol involved. If my girlfriend wanted to kiss a girl, or more, I'd be down. Maybe she goes lezbo. I'd rather find out sooner than later, and chick on chick action is different. No man can do a chick the way another chick can. It's apples and oranges. Uncle Willis sez, grow up and relax dude, and the chick needs a new boyfriend (or maybe, a girlfriend?).
03/11/2014 12:32PM
Life is too short, dump him!
03/11/2014 2:25PM
It'll never work!
If you argue over something like this then it'll never work. The only way this would be acceptable is if she didn't like it (Katy perry) or if she was thinking of him while giving her a friendly girl on girl smooch.
03/11/2014 2:29PM
Learn to enjoy life man, sharing is caring. and what is done in the heat of a moment is far less important then the long term. its about who she goes home with at the end of the night. I bet you everyone else there enjoyed the show
03/11/2014 4:01PM
Hello Double Standard
She totally cheated. This is supposed to be the age of gender equality. If a man were in a relationship, and He kissed another girl, that would be cheating. If he kissed a guy, that would be cheating. Now this girl, drunk or not (it's her fault she was drunk, being alcohol isn't a magic anti-responsibility potion) kissed somebody who wasn't her boyfriend. If it was a dude, that would have been wrong. If it was a girl, that would have been wrong. It was, and it was. That dude is better off without her. There is no "that's what girls do" excuse. That's what SLUTS do. Not all girls are sluts. Girls sometimes are friendly with each other, sure. I hug my friends all the time. That's called being friendly. I don't have "friendly" make out sessions with my friends or "friendly" orgies with my friends. There is a line, and it is crossed when the contact becomes foreplay.
03/11/2014 4:07PM
chill out man its hot
Girl on girl I wouldn't care BUT if my girl kissed another guy I would flip out booze or not
03/11/2014 5:39PM
Cheap Skank
Thats defiantly cheating the fact it was a girl shouldn't matter im sure if he kissed a girl she would be just as mad. Shes nothing more than a cheap skank with no morals. and he should defiantly dump her.
03/13/2014 11:21AM
Washington Wanker
Dump the ho!
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