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BJ'S BLOG 03/18/13 "Working Full Time"

On Friday, I read an interesting study about mothers that left me annoyed.

According to a new Pew Research survey, more mothers are interested in working full time compared to five years ago.   

The data shows that 37% of moms want to work around the clock which is up from 21% in 2007.
The poll found a “strong correlation” between financial well-being and how much mothers want to work.

Roughly 47% of those who claim they “don’t have enough to meet basic expenses” saying full-time work would be ideal while women who are wealthy are just as happy to work part-time job or not at all.

This really surprised me because I would have thought that number would have gone down.
What is really sad is that the number of families that need both parents to go to work full time just to meet basic expenses!  If most people have to have double incomes just to raise a family, then as a country we have failed. 

If both parents want to work that’s fine, but if they HAVE to then the government and big business has failed us.  Either that or people are just dumb with their money and in that case, our school systems have failed. 

Either way, this needs to change because children will thrive better if they have a stay at home parent with them.  

03/18/2013 9:32AM
BJ'S BLOG 03/18/13 "Working Full Time"
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03/18/2013 5:41PM
The Downfall of American Society
B.J. you hit the proverbial nail on the head x2, we as a society have gone so far downhill in our educational standards that we've become virtual retards. Look at the leaders that we as a society keep on electing election year after year. The kind of leaders that would sell "our souls" and our children is very, very alarming. If this trend keeps up, then the United States of America as we knew it and grew up in will be one of the civilizations that destroyed itself.
03/21/2013 9:58AM
Stay at home parent VS: working parent.
I think when they are in elementary through middle school, they need one parent at home. Once they are in high school, they are old enough & hopefully responsible enough that they can be left alone. If both parents have to work, then get a part time job so that you can be there in the morning before the go to school & in the afternoon when they get out of school.
03/29/2013 12:58PM
From 6 different sides of the fence...
I wonder how many of those mothers are single moms and how many are living with either the father of the child or a different romantic interest? In any case I've done 6 different roles across the spectrum as a mom. Stayed home with kids while father of kids worked, worked while father of kids worked, worked while living alone, worked while live in romantic partner worked, worked while romantic partner stayed home and stayed home with kids while romantic partner stayed home. I prefer situations where I got to stay at home with the kids. It is so much healthier for all of us! The kids are learning and being exposed only to the things I feel are appropriate, learning the behaviors that I deem are acceptable and are getting socialization in healthy doses. It is truly a terrible picture to think that if my current fiancee wasn't working at a great paying job then I would need to rejoin the workforce just to cover expenses. I covered expenses for a long time too: while living with the kids' dad, while living on my own and supporting my ex while he looked for work/stayed home with my kids. Its been an interesting ride and it absolutely is terrible that we are teaching our kids this new, less involved level of normalcy because we have to pay the rent.
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