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BJ'S BLOG 03/29/12 "Separating genders"

Yesterday during Group Therapy we read an email from a Rock-A-Holic named Tom who is having trouble with his son’s class room set up.

Tom has a 12-year-old, 6th grade son in a Puyallup public school and has a teacher in her late forties. The teacher has separated the student seating in her class to all the “good kids” on one side and “late work and disruptive kids” on the other.

Tom’s son is on the “bad side” for some late assignments which has made him hate school. According to Tom’s email, his son is a smart kid and has the possibility of getting into honor classes next year but since he now has a negative view on school, he’s worried that this teacher’s seating chart is a bad idea. 

This is a very tough problem for me because I do believe in giving boys the repercussions they deserve, but on the other hand, I know this method will not be as successful with girls.
That is why I believe boys and girls should be taught separately; they just learn so differently from each other.  I would not have a problem with this teacher’s system if it was applied to just the boys because then you could train them the way boys are supposed to be trained.

I think what has really messed us up is that we’ve over reached and readjusted the entire system to be friendlier towards girls. Don’t get me wrong, the system needed to be friendlier towards girls because 30 years ago they were not being taught properly but it has gotten to the point today where the boys are now the ones that are not being taught well enough.

I’m not sure how difficult it would be but if schools want to see a dramatic change, they need to separate the genders.

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03/29/2012 6:31AM
BJ'S BLOG 03/29/12 "Separating genders"
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