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 BJ Shea

BJ'S BLOG 03/29/13 "Celebrity Crush "

Yesterday during the Lukewarm Topic, we were talking about the TV shows we like to “binge” on and watch all in a row.  During this, someone called in to talk about something that happened between her favorite character and her.

Rock-A-Holic Maggie called in, she explained that she actually got to meet her favorite character from her favorite show and gave him her number.

He later texted her asking to see her breasts!  Even though she said she wouldn’t, her and her friend still went to his hotel room later on.  She mentioned that she was down to do the deed until she looked at him and realized he’s older and isn’t really the character she admired in her teens.

Here’s a news flash: If a male celebrity exchanges phone numbers with a woman, chances are that he will be contacting her because he is interested in her sexually.

Also, if he was younger and looked more like his TV character, she would have had sex with him. Hmm…it sounds a little shallow to me.

News flash two: Men aren’t the only shallow ones in society. 

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03/29/2013 8:21AM
BJ'S BLOG 03/29/13 "Celebrity Crush "
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03/29/2013 2:37PM
You betcha!
Hell yeah. I'd still do Lynda Carter! I just hope I can convince her to wear the Wonder Woman outfit. Robert in Maple Valley
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