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BJ'S BLOG 0321/13 "Careless Cyclists"

Hey there Rock-A-Holics; today's blog is one I wrote a while back about an accident I was almost involved in.  

Before work one morning, I almost got into an accident thanks to a careless bicyclist.

I work in the Capitol Hill/First Hill area and we have a lot of bike lanes and cyclists in this area which is something Mayor Mike McGinn loves having.

As I am about to take a right turn at a green light, I have to pay attention to the cross walk because that light also goes on and I want to make sure no one is stupid and decides to run across while wearing dark clothing at 6 AM. Well, as I’m turning, I see this tiny light out of the corner of my eye; as I turn over I see this light streaking down with no intention of stopping as it comes towards a red light. My instinct is to ram my brakes hoping no one hits me from behind. My thinking was if this guy zips past the red light, I’m going to hit him and because I’m in a car, he’s the one that’s going to get hurt if not killed.

This jerk flies all the way down and take a right turn without stopping but is wearing dark colored clothing so even if he was actually trying to signal, I couldn’t see it because he only has a tiny light to indicate that he is there.

If you are on a bike, especially coming up on a red light, you have stop then take your turn instead of blistering down the street and messing up traffic.

They need to make cyclists get a license plate and pay for tabs just like the rest of us on the road and they need to start penalizing the cyclists who break the rules!

Steve also came up with the idea of having them put a baseball card or something in the spokes of their bikes so that we can hear them coming. They also should be wearing bright reflective vests at the time, I can’t see them especially if they’re wearing dark clothes.

I don’t care what good “Mayor McShwinn” has done, I want him voted out because he is pro-bike and has only cost us more money and caused more headaches for the rest of us commuters.
He continues to validate the people who act like idiots while on the road on a two wheeled vehicle.

I am so sick of cyclists and I hate their excuse that they are better for the environment. That is bull because they make cars travel slower and muck up traffic making it actually worse for the environment. 

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03/21/2013 8:53AM
BJ'S BLOG 0321/13 "Careless Cyclists"
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03/21/2013 9:01AM
Funny BJ, hubby and I were just talkin about them on hwy 101. Why the hell don't they have to pay tabs? They aren't going with the flow or speed of highway traffic, fog lanes are supposed to be for emergencies..since when has it become ok for it to be a bike highway lane? If they use our roads and. Highways, pay up, just as motoring public has to.They are such a hazard. One lady had so many saddle bags on the back of her bike, she was veering causing cars behind her to veer into oncoming traffic to avoid possibly hitting her . I am totally with you on this issue.
03/21/2013 10:25AM
Agree partially
I agree they should pay a fee if the bicycle is their only form of transportation. If they pay for vehicle tabs then they should get a waiver since they are already paying a fee for the roads. As for the enforcement of rules of the road, I fully agree. They are to follow the rules of the road and need to face penalties for failing to follow the rules. Maybe utilize the bicycle police to enforce the rules as well as set the example. The best teachers out their are the parents of future cyclists. We should talk about the proper way to ride and pet examples if we can.
03/21/2013 10:35AM
Public safety only for some... Mayor rides reckless.
03/21/2013 11:30AM
you speak TROOF...!
i agree 150% with you this one & im going to re-post this on my FB page. its public, so you see all the angry response i get. im from los angeles & these mudda fukka's be trippin, make it a bill my ninja...!
03/21/2013 11:42AM
Bikes rule, cars drool
Sorry, can't agree. Bikes make for a healthier environment and healthier population. Yes, cyclists should follow the rules of the road, but aggressive drivers are a bigger problem.
03/21/2013 12:12PM
So wrong
Funny thing is the blogger has no idea how the laws work. Bikers can actually be ticketed for breaking traffic laws just like a car can, I know some bikers that have been ticketed. Do you get pissed at every single driver that also doesn't follow the laws and want to impose things on them like not using there blinkers, oh wait that happens all the time with drivers not following the traffic laws too. The roads were actually built for cyclists and not vehicles as when they were first being built we were still in horse and buggys as a country. They have every right to the roads and that means they are also responsible to follow the laws of those roads. There is a few bad apples out there but there are also tons of cyclists like myself who do follow the rules of the road. Just like there is a ton of motorist who also do not follow the rules of the road and those who do.
03/21/2013 12:29PM
A waiver if you pay car tabs
Bike seats cut of vital blood flow to the brain! Do you get a waiver if you own more than one car? NO!! If you use a bike on a public road, not only should your bike be registered you should have a endorsement proving you have taken and completed a course regarding safe operation and laws of the road. There is more to it than consideration to others. Legality issues arise, for instance, if a bicyclist is arrested for DUI. What happens to the bike? Impounded? Given away to the nearest wino?
03/21/2013 12:42PM
We all break traffic laws on a daily basis. You never roll a stop sign, exceed the speed limit? Just becuse one guy on a bike breaks the law, that makes us all bad? Look at how many drivers driving next to you are speeding. Your statement is ignorant. Dont be a hater, cyclist are here to stay. Everyone on the road is guilty of breaking some kind of law.
03/21/2013 12:49PM
Riding on wrong side of road
Where do bikers get the idea that they should ride their bikes on the wrong side of the road. Coming up on blind turns is a good way to get hit head on by a car.
03/21/2013 12:59PM
Been saying this for years! Told my husband if I didnt work I woud go Tim Iman on this subject!
03/21/2013 1:01PM
Good & Bad in all of our "groups"
you never been passed by some moron doing 75 while you're driving and thought "idiot"? Same with cyclists. One dumb*ss running a red light or riding against traffic doesn't represent the whole group. Unless you'd like meto flip you off because of that one driver I saw breaking a law that one time. He was in a car too y'know. RELAX. (cyclist/car owner in L.A.)
03/21/2013 1:01PM
Wow, just wow.
Oh, I just love the stupidity flowing. To everyone who argues against BJ just because laws are broken on a daily basis, get a clue. Really? If BJ was arguing that motorists should be able to break laws too, that would be dumb. But he's not. He's bringing up a valid point, and that is that many (not all) cyclists feel free to do whatever they want without thinking about the cost. Right. And as for the cyclists having rights to the road, fine. But, you help pay for it then. A bike tag is a very fair idea if they are going to raise the car tab rate to pay for lanes for the cyclist or anything else that makes the roads better for them. You can have part of the road, just help pay for it. I'm cool with it.
03/21/2013 2:00PM
I just think it's fair that if we're altering viable driving streets that tax payers PAY for with their registration fees in the city of Seattle, to make bike lanes as big as car lanes (see 7th Ave in Downtown Seattle before you compalin and state that they aren't that big) bikers should be paying some kind of fee or tax too. And I've NEVER seen a biker get ticketed, for riding on the sidewalk, when they have their own designated lane, or for going down a one way the wrong way, or for screwing up traffic while they ride up to the front and go slow in a designated vehicle lane, or for running red lights. Oh and Mayor McSchwinn, it rains like every day here, valliant effort on getting everyone to ride their bikes to work but it's not going to happen
03/21/2013 2:33PM
Think before you write
First of all, cyclist CAN and DO get tickets. Just because the careless cyclist you encountered did not get ticketed, doesn't mean it doesn't ever happen. Have you ever violated a traffic law and not gotten a ticket? Yes, there are many careless cyclist, pedistrians, and motorist. Trying to punish all of them because of a few bad seeds is stupid. While legally riding on the far right hand side of a VERY wide shoulder, a large truck merged into the shoulder, honked his horn, and hit the gas causing a large black cloud of smoke to choke me. I wasn't doing anything wrong and this motorist intentionally put me in a very dangerous situation...probably for his own laughs. Do I take it out on all motorist? No, of course not. Many of us do follow the rules, so stop grouping us together.
03/21/2013 3:07PM
As a Cyclist from Los Angeles
NOPE. Shut your face and quit acting like a fa66ot. Sincerely, - Erick
03/21/2013 3:20PM
Bikes should ride responsibly!
I'm from Tucson, and cycling is HUGE here, especially in the university area. But I garauntee you, 90% of the cyclists think that just because it's a highly pro-cyclist town and Lance Armstrong trains here and we have the Tour de Tucson and all these other things, they can do whatever they want! Not all the roads here have bike lanes, especially the winding two lane roads that are full of sharp, blind turns and hills. Yet the bikers love these roads, and I can't tell you how many cyclist accidents we have every year, but it's a lot. But do the cyclists get blamed for riding in the middle of an unfriendly road and the driver physically COULD NOT see them? Nope! The poor traumatized driver does! Cyclists should be regulated, make them pay tabs and only let them ride on roads where cars can actually see them. And for Pete's sake, fine the idiots when they ride side by side or in the middle of the road, even when they have a perfectly serviceable bike lane!
03/21/2013 3:26PM
Bikes have to be licensed in Hawaii.So i'll go out on a limb and say, if this has to do with taking more money out of our pockets you will se this happen in your life time.
03/21/2013 4:15PM
Since you want to bring up taxes, how about this one. I dont have any kids but my taxes go towards public schools to pay for your kids to attend. You even hear of sales tax? My bike cost about $10,000. California sales tax is 8.75%. Do the math. Ohwait, your too stupid.
03/21/2013 4:47PM
RE: Taxes
Since you want to bring up public schools (likely your last stop in education since it’s obvious you didn’t learn when to use your vs. you’re), I bet when you go to the bike shop to get your parts, or LL Bean to get your sandals and wool socks, you expect the employees to be educated enough to count out your proper change. While the person BJ nearly hit isn't "all" bikers, if I stand outside in Seattle and watch all of the people on bicycles, a majority do not follow the rules of the road in one way or another. The percentage of bikers riding on busy sidewalks, the wrong way down one-way streets, running red lights, failing to signal turns/stops or the ones that feel they are entitled to be in the front of the line at the start of a light (slowing everyone else down) rather than waiting until the bigger/heavier cars get out of the way so they can build up to the flow of traffic, would be far greater than those that obey the rules of the road. In Washington road repairs are made from, inter alia, tabs and vehicle taxes. Why should I lose a lane of a road I paid for so that bicyclists can have a lane all to themselves that they don’t all use properly?
03/21/2013 4:49PM
Re: Taxes
Oh (space) wait. you're* too smart. I'm sorry your (note proper use of your) bike costS (note the s) so much. We make exceptions, lanes, and according to everyone else here, apparently, the police department (funded by taxes) regulates the bikers, yet the bike riders don't pay a cent to maintain their special roads they get, and very rarely use. What if actually, your money went to pay for my kid to go to a special exclusive school where they don't get grades, they just all get gold stars for effort? That's how I feel about bikers. While I can't fix all the tax problems in America... I think these comments (if anyone actually paid attention to blogs) would ease a few of our disgruntled local citizens concerns with a tax for the mayor's special bike brigade.
03/21/2013 5:05PM
How do you like the feeling of the wind blowing through your hair as you ride on your $10,000 bike, eating an organic apple, listening to Coldplay? Does your bike have turn signals? Is it covered in gold? Are the tires made of children's tears? Please tell me it at least came with a basket to fit your renewable Whole Foods bag in it? I have a car worth less than your bike and I still pay taxes for your special lane.
03/21/2013 7:57PM
10k you are hilarious!
Thank you for making my night with your witty comment. I completely agree. And simply put, most bicyclists are just obnoxious on the entitled.
03/22/2013 9:18AM
I agree I think bicyclists should not be d bags while they ride. But paying for tabs.... no and I say no because imagine if we as a society quit driving cars for 1 WEEK gas prices would plummet. And I 5 wouldn't be a parking lot. Smog filled citieslike LA would smell and look better. Point being this they shouldn't pay tabs because they are doing a small part to help reduce the human foot print. I believe that pays for it self.
03/22/2013 4:56PM
If we all just quit driving and held hands and thought good thoughts then the icebergs would quit melting and kitties would run the local news... OMFG!!!! What world do you live in? A "small" action to change mans "footprint"! Please tell me that this is not a real state of mind that people function in. The world is cruel, unjust, and just a little bit unbearable, but it's the only one we got and we need to quit wishing it to be something other than it is. I hate stupid drivers just as much as I hate stupid bikers, but that's not the point of the above article is it?! Just drive a Prius...everything will be okay and you can sleep at night knowing that the rest of still-developing world couldn't care less.
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