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BJ'S BLOG 04/02/14 "Is Dancing Cheating?"

 Everybody pick a partner and head out to the dancefloor! It’s time to shake your stuff to the sweet sounds of Group Therapy!
(I’ll be over here by the punchbowl. You don’t want to see me shaking my stuff. Seriously, folks…)
Today’s topic comes from a Rock-A-Holic named Michelle, who is having a disagreement with her man. Michelle likes to dance, and she thinks like she should be able to dance with another man – even in a close, sexy way – without it being considered cheating. Obviously, Michelle’s husband isn’t falling in step with her point of view.
No two relationships are exactly like. It takes two to tango (pretty good, right?) when you’re a couple in a committed situation, and that means both parties have to reach a mutual agreement about the parameters of the relationship. Some folks are comfortable with a bit more freedom, and extension of trust, while others like to keep things under lock and key when it comes to interacting with others outside of the partnership.
I think it takes a lot of personal strength to loosen the reins a bit, and let your girlfriend or wife explore something like dancing with another man. On the other hand, there’s something to be said for the willingness to say, “Hey, I’m not okay with this.”
It’s a balancing act, like so many aspects of a relationship. Once the conditions are stated, it’s up to both parties to understand and comply with those mutually-agreed-upon terms. That’s what a partnership is all about.
Sexy dancing with another man is something that most men would probably have a problem with, even if we’re not willing to admit it. Personally, I think that “H.R. Rules” might be an excellent way to keep a relationship functioning within (relatively) normal parameters: if you wouldn’t behave a certain way with someone in a work environment, then don’t behave that way with them in the outside world, either.
What say you, good people? 

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04/02/2014 7:58AM
BJ'S BLOG 04/02/14 "Is Dancing Cheating?"
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04/02/2014 9:02AM
The Other Side
How would the wife or girl friend feel watching her husband engage in dirty dancing with say his best friends wife. Now there's a battle waiting to happen ? Dan S
04/03/2014 7:19AM
RE: The Other Side
I'm curious, if she was ok with it, would that be ok? :) -
04/04/2014 11:10PM
song title
what song did you guys play after reading and discussing this the first time ?
04/14/2014 7:43AM
RE: song title
It was Smashing Pumpkins - "Disarm" -
04/15/2014 8:25AM
RE: RE: song title
- Vicky B
04/22/2014 10:40AM
no man will dance with me without asking my husband first
I have a rule if you want to dance with me, or some one wants to dance with him, they will ask for permission first. 1 it tells who is asking that it ends in a dance. 2 that we care how the other one behaves. 3 if you go to far we have a problem. the rules seem archaic, they are mine not my husbands, as a wife I hold myself accountable for my actions and to a higher standard for my husband, he is the one i married and deserves a respectable wife he can trust completely.
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