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 BJ Shea

BJ'S BLOG 04/18/12 "Friends with Their Ex's"

A few days ago during Group Therapy, we read an email from a Rock-A-Holic named Karlee.

A few weeks ago while Karlee was out to dinner with her boyfriend, they ran into his ex girlfriend. Karlee ran into her again in the bathroom and they started talking. The ex was really nice and funny according to Karlee so they exchanged numbers in hopes of going out to lunch.

Since Karlee is new to the area, she was excited to have hit it off with someone.

When Karlee told her boyfriend about it, he went “ballistic” then late said it was no big deal. Now Karlee isn’t even sure if she should go or not.

Boundries are such a big thing in a relationship and there is no good reason why she should be involved with any of his ex’s.

A listener named Chris said that there is a possibility that the ex wants to ruin their current relationship and that you never know their motives or she  might want to get involved to be Karlee’s “shoulder to cry on” when she’s upset with her man, or the ex might just want to sit and bad mouth the boyfriend, or maybe just to hear their problems so she can feel better about herself.

Some women love drama, it’s true. I don’t know of any guy who would want to hang out with his current girlfriend’s ex boyfriend.

If you respect your significant other, you wouldn’t do this, you would respect them enough to let the past stay in the past.

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04/18/2012 8:23AM
BJ'S BLOG 04/18/12 "Friends with Their Ex's"
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