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BJ'S BLOG 04/18/13 "42"

Yesterday on the show, we read an email during Group Therapy from a Rock-A-Holic named Mercedes.

Over the weekend, her husband took their 9-year-old daughter to see the movie “42.”

For those who don’t know, “42” is a PG-13 movie about Jackie Robinson’s life story and how he became the first African American to play in the MLB.

Both Mercedes and her husband saw the movie first to see if they thought their daughter could handle it since it dealt with a lot of things like racism. 

After deciding that she could see the movie, Mercedes sat down with her daughter and explained how awful people were to Jackie Robinson and there was a word she would hear in the film (the n-word) that only awful and ignorant people use.

Their whole family loves baseball so they knew her daughter would love it, and she did!  After the movie, she talked to her daughter again about what she thought and she said that she hated how people treated Jackie Robinson and that should never use that word that they talked about earlier. 

The problem is some of their family, mostly Mercedes’s sister are saying that they are awful parents exposing such a young child to something like that and that they might as well start taking her to R-Rated movies.
Mercedes still stands by her decision but wanted to get our take on the situation.

First off, I’d like to say that her sister is being completely irrational. Does she not understand what PG-13 stand for? It means that there might be some content that might be too strong for kids but is ok with parental guidance. 

She didn’t take her daughter to see a explicit, gory, adult movie; she took her to see a movie that shows a piece of history of our country.

Not only that, but she did the responsible thing by not only viewing the movie beforehand, but she made sure she spoke to her daughter about it before and afterwards to make sure she understood the message.

I never was one for sitting down and reading about history so I think that movies are a great way to get those messages across especially to kids.

Mercedes and her husband did nothing wrong, it’s the people butting into their lives, like her sister that should shut up and mind their own business.   

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04/18/2013 8:29AM
BJ'S BLOG 04/18/13 "42"
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