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BJ'S BLOG 04/19/13 "Naked Pictures"

Yesterday during Group Therapy, I read an email from a Rock-A-Holic named Jason.

Jason has a female friend who, when she’s bored, will send him naked pictures of herself.  Normally that wouldn’t be a bad thing except she is in a relationship!

He admits that she is very attractive and even though he likes receiving the pictures, he has no interest in breaking up the couple so he could date her. He doesn’t know what he should do.

Here’s the thing, most heterosexual men like receiving pictures of naked women. This woman is not an honorable person because she is at the very least emotionally cheating on her boyfriend!  Why would anyone send a nude picture of themselves to someone who finds them attractive if not to get a reaction out of them?

Both her boyfriend and Jason should just walk away from this person and not say a thing.  Some women respond to reactions whether positive or negative so that’s why there is no point in any confrontation, simple say you’re out and walk away.

This is unnecessary drama and Jason shouldn’t be getting involved in that.

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04/19/2013 7:52AM
BJ'S BLOG 04/19/13 "Naked Pictures"
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04/19/2013 11:54AM
Similar Situation
I know a guy who had a very similar issue with a girl sending him nudies, only rather than the girl being in a relationship - he was - it was my husband! I understand that guys like to look, so at first I tried to be cool about it - took her aside one day and chatted nicely with her about it, how it wasn't very cool, especially behind my back. I THOUGHT she got the picture.. until a week or two later I find out she's doing it again! Yes, I raged. It was completely disrespectful of my marriage. She finally got the picture (no pun intended). As for your question about why someone would send nudies if not to get a reaction - of course a reaction is what they're looking for, and it doesn't matter if they're in a relationship. The attention of the person they're with is not enough. They need more attention, especially from other guys they find attractive, to feel better about themselves for whatever reason.
04/19/2013 12:17PM
....maybe Jason could get some action from her first and then walk away. Let's face it's hard enough to get laid. Might as well take an opportunity. Unless of course this boyfriend is a good friend of his.
04/20/2013 6:51AM
Naked pictures
My wife Amy did the same kind of thing. It is hard when you have kids. I divorced the slu t eventually and these kind of girls lever last. She is on her third guy in less that a year and engaged too after just a few weeks working on him lol. Poor guy. She is a hot looking girl but after getting laid, look at what you have to live with.
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