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BJ'S BLOG 04/19/14 "Lying for Your Friend"

You want the Group Therapy? YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE GROUP THERAPY!
Apparently, there are also some people who can’t handle the truth.
We heard from Jeannie, who has a situation that reeks of the drama that people bring into their lives, and then spread into the lives of others. Man, I hate that.
Jeannie and her husband are good friends with another couple, but things are a little complicated now. The woman in this couple asked Jeannie to say that they had lunch together recently…if her husband happens to ask Jeannie about it.
Yep, she wanted Jeannie to cover for her with a lie. When Jeannie asked why her friend was asking her to cover for her, the woman said she’d explain later, and then left. There are some obvious conclusions that someone might reach about this scenario, so Jeannie is pretty freaked out.
Jeannie still wants to be friends with this couple, but she’s not okay with this. Should she refuse to lie, and possibly harm the friendship? Or should she confront her friend, and try to keep her from making a mistake?
I don’t like people who want you to cover for them. With the exception of the very rare surprise party organizer, people who need cover stories are up to no good, every time.
As a husband, I would be very unhappy if my wife covered for her friend. So, the drama moves further into our lives, because this woman’s bad decisions might lead me to question my own wife’s principles and character. Unacceptable!
The idea of Jeannie trying to help her friend directly seems reasonable to me. At the very least, she could end up learning the whole story, and make her judgments then.
Let’s hear from you, Rock-A-Holics! What do you think Jeannie should do?
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03/19/2014 8:31AM
BJ'S BLOG 04/19/14 "Lying for Your Friend"
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03/19/2014 12:44PM
Jeannie needs new friends
If its just a harmless thing then her friend should have told her about it and Jeannie can make her own judgment call based on her moral compass. But if the friend just tells her to cover and not tell her anything about why then Jeannie really needs to rethink the friendship because a true friend would never put someone they care in a compromising and uncomfortable situation. So basically if the friend can't tell you why she needs you to cover for her then she needs to deal with her own F***ing problems.
04/03/2014 7:49AM
RE: Jeannie needs new friends
I wholeheartedly agree with this! -
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