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BJ'S BLOG 04/22/13 "Freedom "

Friday on the show during Listeners on the Loose, a Rock-A-Holic named Rich called in.

In the wake of the Boston tragedy, there has been talk of implementing more cameras and how the IRS is monitoring Facebook to catch people committing fraud, so he asked what we thought about people “trading more freedoms for security.”  

Many people are up in arms because the government wants to put up more cameras on the streets and some people are afraid of “big brother” watching over us. 

The thing is…human beings are wonderful and they are also jerks.  The reason why people question giving away some of their freedoms is because some of the people in power could be corrupt and screw over innocent people.  

The trouble is, some “ordinary” people are given freedoms but also do a-hole things and then are not accountable for their actions. 

It happens with every level of society and it’s a big problem. There are many people in country who are physiologically disturbed and who could use therapy. Many of them project their issues on others and are not accountable for their own BS.

This is human nature; whether you have no freedom or a lot of freedom, a lot of human beings don’t want to be accountable for their own failures…which is the exact opposite path to real freedom.  

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04/22/2013 9:18AM
BJ'S BLOG 04/22/13 "Freedom "
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04/22/2013 11:14AM
Can u help me?
My husband won "Beat the Producer" this morning on your show and I totally missed it!! :( Getting the boys off to school and he didnt let me know he was calling in! Cant wait to go to Rockstar Mayhem July 3rd!!! ....but I'd love to hearthe whole thing just as much! Could u podcast "Beat the Producer" for Monday April 22nd??? Thanks so much if u can!! Love ur show! Its really the only talk radio we listen to! Honest, Random and Hilarious!! xoxo
04/22/2013 12:04PM
My Opinion
Well BJ in my opinion as long as rules are placed on putting cameras on the streets so the system is not abused I have no problems with it. I would not like cameras that could be pointed and used to view inside peoples homes or even businesses but if the city wants to aim the cameras to view every public street its fine by me. I do nothing illegal on the streets and if the city wants to police the streets for potential threats its fine by me. The people who don't want this are probably hiding something. As for the previous comment there is a podcast for every show. Just look it up !
04/22/2013 3:48PM
Just don't go too far
Passive security is of no concern to me. Monitor my web browsing (hope you like midgets) or put a camera on every corner facing all directions. So long as we are not getting arrested or detained for things we "may" do based on our browsing history or actions then I am fine with it. The first time someone comes to my house with questions because I went to a particular site and looked around with no other actions taken, I'm going to be upset.
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