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BJ'S BLOG 04/26/12 "Take Them Away"

Yesterday on the show, we mentioned the latest idiotic reason why Nadya Suleman AKA “Octomom” is in the news. As it turns out; she might be neglecting her 14 children allegedly!   
For those who don’t remember, Nadya was the woman who gave birth to octuplets back in January 2009 after using in vitro fertilization to get pregnant, even though she had six kids already. She is now a single mother on welfare in California. 
A few days ago, Children’s Services and the police came to her house, stayed for about 90 minutes, then assessed that the children did not need to be removed after Nadya’s hair dresser went to the police department. 
Stephanie, the hairdresser, told police that the plumbing in the house was so bad they only had one working toilet, some of the kids were outside or in their bedrooms using portable toilets to relieve themselves, the children appeared malnourished and unbathed as well as the house being unclean, and said that Nadya would lock her kids in a room to get work done.
Here are some pictures: 


Even though the children were not removed, Child Services will be doing a follow up. 
I don’t understand that if they saw all of these things, how is it that Child Services didn’t take the kids away from this woman and these horrible conditions? 
How is it that we’re letting 14 kids stay in a hell hole of a house with a single mother who, in my opinion, is out of her mind? 
People protest over the dumbest things yet, in my mind, these 14 children are being raised by a lunatic. When are we going to stop protect the rights of children? 

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04/26/2012 8:11AM
BJ'S BLOG 04/26/12 "Take Them Away"
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04/26/2012 11:19AM
What a bltch.
That fugly bltch should be thrown in prison. Having her kids be put through shlt like that really pisses me off.
04/27/2012 10:03AM
when someone dies
then people will take notice. same policy is used for product development... a product is rarely evaluated on its impacts on health (cars & pharma being the exception). Only when a product is deemed to kill people or cause diseases will the Government intervene.
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