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BJ'S BLOG 04/26/13 "Making Mistakes"

Earlier this week, we played audio of rookie news reporter’s first time on air at his new job…and what he said got him fired!  
A.J. Clemente was a news anchor on KFYR in North Dakota; during his first broadcast, he didn’t realize that they were live and dropped and F-Bomb!
Here is a link to the video of him swearing:
After being fired, he did do a few interviews talking about what happened including an interview with Letterman.  Here is the video of that:
It's sad to see that he got fired for this because we all cuss; they’re just words and it’s a part of life.  He should have been suspended for about month as his punishment but people need to understand that mistakes happen especially if you’re the new guy!  He didn't even know that he was live on air so it wasn’t like it slipped out when he was aware of what was going on! 

I really find it horrible that the audience wouldn't give this guy a second chance.  If the vocal minority are the only ones complaining, then I say why not give them the same punishment when they commit a mistake?  I would love to see them be punished just as harshly because they don't understand what it's like to be in front of a camera or microphone!

It was his first time, he was nervous as all hell, trying not to get it wrong and guess what? One mistake equals career execution!  Does that seem fair to you?

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04/26/2013 9:27AM
BJ'S BLOG 04/26/13 "Making Mistakes"
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04/26/2013 1:28PM
seems unfair
The guy didn't do anything that hurt anyone or put someone in danger. Everyone makes mistakes. They shouldn't have fired him over something that is entirely harmless. Sad that people get offended so easily these days, God knows the people making the judgement calls about this must be perfect.
04/26/2013 1:39PM
Thats unfair
He cussed. So what? It's not as if he said something way worse, and way offensive. He dropped the F bomb. Its not as if he was saying things that were far worse than that.
04/26/2013 3:17PM
That's f****ing bull****!!!!!!!
Look/listen to all the ridiculous stupid sh** that comes from Barak Obama and he still has his job and got his career extended. This is not right for this reporter in this case. And many many others i have heard of
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