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 BJ Shea

BJ'S BLOG 04/29/13 "Children's Needs"

Last week during Group Therapy, a Rock-A-Holic named Brett was in some serious trouble and needed some help.

He explained that he got his girlfriend pregnant, but doesn’t think she will make a very good mother. The reason is…she’s a heavy drug user!

I long for the day where I won’t hear the words “girlfriend” and “pregnant” in the same sentence. There are so many precautions that can be taken if people don’t want be parents yet, why is it that we hear about so many people in this situation?  

This woman, including anyone else who has a recent history of drug abuse should not be allowed to be the caregiver to a kid yet the system we have in place that doesn’t seem to keep this from happening!

Why is it that no one seems to care about the child’s rights? How many kids are out there dealing with heinous things all because their parents are too irresponsible to give them the care they need!

She should not be allowed to have custody of this child and I hope other men see Brett’s situation as a learning experience for what not to do.

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04/29/2013 9:38AM
BJ'S BLOG 04/29/13 "Children's Needs"
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04/29/2013 3:36PM
guy with bad druggy GF "Childrens Needs"
Depends on what state he is in, if he is in Washington womans right. If he takes her to court and if he ask to have her take a drug test she will probably have to. Just make sure you don't have it at the house because she can refuse to do it, if she wants. My ex excused me of being a druggy, and called cps on me, all I did was smoke weed and drink beer. So I refused to take the test. In court if its requested she will have to do it there. Good luck
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