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 BJ Shea

BJ'S BLOG 04/30/13 "Allergies"

Yesterday during Group Therapy, we read an email from a Rock-A-Holic named Max who was having a work place dilemma.

Max has severe allergies to fragrances to the point where he has tried 30 different deodorants in the past year in hope to find one that won’t cause his nose to itch.

The other day, his boss’s boss told him in front of everyone in the office told him to stop sniffling because it’s just as annoying as if he were clicking a pen non-stop.  At first he thought his boss was joking but then he suggested that they put him in an isolated environment.

Max asked a few of his office mates if his sniffling has ever bothered them and they not only said no, they said that he should report this boss to HR because he discussed a “medical issue” in front of everyone.

The problem is if that it might not be a good idea since he is a contract worker and is hoping to get hired on full time in the fall.

I get where Max is coming from because I too am sensitive to strong fragrances and my allergies can get really bad, but he does have to learn to manage it like by maybe using allergy medication.  I’m not saying the way the boss went about telling him was appropriate, because it was definitely a jerk move.  He isn’t asking the people in his office to change the fragrances, but if he’s trying to further his career, maybe it wouldn’t be the worst thing to take the separate office.   It would show his boss that he is a team player and willing to do what it takes to make sure everyone is at their best to get their jobs done.

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04/30/2013 10:17AM
BJ'S BLOG 04/30/13 "Allergies"
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