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BJ'S BLOG 04/30/14 "Twitter Test"

I know you’re all excited for the beautiful weather, but we’d love for you to stick around to help with some Group Therapy before you head outside. We’ll try to make it quick!
Today’s session was requested by Mark, whose wife hates that he’s on Twitter. She saw that he follows an account called “I Like Girls Daily” and she flipped out. Mark’s wife thinks that he’s on Twitter looking for women, but he insists that he pretty much only uses it to follow his favorite Seahawks, and the fine folks on our morning show, like me!
(P.S. – Mark wants to say thanks for the hot Twitter account recommendations, STP.)
Mark thinks his wife has been trolling him on Twitter, and here’s why: a super-hot woman started following him recently, and is re-tweeting his posts. This woman keeps trying to get him to follow her on Twitter, sending him flirty messages, etc. Mark says that he believes this is a fake account created by his wife to ambush him, but he’s not falling for it.
First off, let me advise Mark to be careful when he says that he knows a hot chick wouldn’t be interested in him, so it’s obviously his wife. It’s all in the way you say it, my friend.
I had to be schooled on how easy it is to see someone’s Twitter followers, and who they’re following…but now that we’ve made it past THAT lesson, I have a new understanding. If his wife checked out his Twitter account, it’s not entirely difficult to see why she was worried…but this tactic might be a little bit much.
Has this ever happened to you? Do you think Mark should try to beat his wife at her own game? What happens if he’s wrong, and it’s not her? And will I ever truly get up to speed with how things work in the 21st century?
We need some advice here, people!

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04/30/2014 7:20AM
BJ'S BLOG 04/30/14 "Twitter Test"
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04/30/2014 10:42PM
I know what to do
He needs to slap the living s#it out of that b1tch. Make her mind her place. If he wants to follow cute girls daily on Twittering that's his business and she should shut the lips on our face, and open the ones between her legs
05/01/2014 8:32AM
RE: I know what to do
Wow, pretty blunt. I don't condone physical violence but if it is his wife, that is pretty low of her. She needs to see where her trust issues stem from and work on that. - Vicky B
05/02/2014 12:52AM
Ask her to quit sending these messages. If she doesn't quit then see what Twitter stalking policy is. Best case scenario is that he could have her arrested for stalking. Equal Rights!
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