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BJ'S BLOG 05/04/12 "Guest Blogger: Chad Almquist"

Today's blog was written by a good friend of the show's and fellow Rock-A-Holic, Chad Almquist.

Bully you are?! Well! F*** YOU!

I'm so sad right now! I most of the time complain about, how lonely I am, how I have so many problems.  I just found out that a beautiful woman I know. Her young cousin, only 13. Took her own life, I think, thats what happened.  She was bullied in School!  I myself was bullied. All my life. from 1st grade till 8th grade!  I know how this beautiful girl felt.  At that time. way back in the early 80's. We had no facebook!  Or the internet.  Yet we all have paper and pen. those were the facebooks of the day!  I remember they posted flyers all over!  Saying how much of a loser I was.
I never wanted to go to school, I love to go so much. Yet the odds were not in my favor! I would trick my parents into letting me stay at home.  I had a real history of ear infections.  Also I had some cavities in my teeth.

I would take toothpicks and stick them into the cavities and build up blood. Then I would take that blood and stick it in my ears.To make it look like I was bleeding in the ears.  What do you know, it worked!  Weird part, when I went to the doctor. They found I really had a ear infection. Was it power of the mind? Well , who knows. either way, I got out of school! Which I was so happy to not be teased and hated.

I grew up poor, and part of the reason I was teased. I wore clothes that came out of dumpsters,neighbors and other places. I wore a pair of jeans that turned out to be a girls kind. They were bell bottoms. Wow, I got teased to no end for those jeans. I thought I looked awesome. Yet again, I felt horrible.  Kids all through out the school called me a girly boy!  Even the girls picked on me, I once got beat up by a girl, way back in 83'. In Shaloshan, Tacoma. I think thats how you spell it. This girls didn't like me and we got into a fight. She beat my ass! I never wanted to fight her, she was kinda hot to me. I have a strong attraction to african american girls.

Yet she kicked my ass! Later we did become friends.  Yet it still was one peg into me being bullied for the next 5 to 6 years. Getting my ass kicked by a girl!  LOL! really Chad! I was always a lover, more then a fighter.

There is too much to my life, in the story of my time being bullied. there are hundreds of times. where I struggled, tortured, beaten, teased, and everything under the sun! I survived. I never let those losers, dictate my life. I was the laughing stalk of the entire school till 87'. Then I put them in there place! I went from a 1.0 grade point average,. to a whopping 3.5 GPA my 12th grade year!

I didn't give a s*** anymore! Those f***ers, those stupid mother f***ing bullies that tried to throw those obstacles in my way! even in my highschool years! I mowed them down, Even the stupid ass! vice-principal of Federal Way High! He was the biggest bully of them all! the sorry sack of rotting pig vomit loos stool garlic f***ing bull s*** f***er idiot!  He tried his best to turn me into a loser! Yet I showed him and his underhanded evil henchman! I was a winner and I would graduate with honors!  I showed them and I DID!

that is how you do it! I didn't give in, I could have! I could have killed myself, I could have hung, shot, ODed, jumped and many other things to take a way out! I'm a guy though, I see things different, I have a awesome Mom, and had a Super Awesome Dad, I was always able to come to them and talk and come up with a plan to attack my problems head on. Which some do not have. Which I'm so sad that this girl, did not have anyone to go too, or she did not feel she could go to them.. I wish I could have known her. I would have looked her in the eyes and hugged her. I would have told her, it is going to be ok. it is not worth taking your life.  People love you. What they think, is wrong.  I just wish I could be better to know these things. I wish I could have talked to her, so bad. There is so much in life that is awesome! It shatters my heart!

I hope others can find this story, and contact me or someone. there is no need to leave this world. People love you, and even though I don't know you. I love you, how can you not love people that are going through, or have been through the same thing.  Please, Talk to me! We are Family!

-Chad Almquist

To read more of his stuff, you can check out his site here:

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05/04/2012 10:54AM
BJ'S BLOG 05/04/12 "Guest Blogger: Chad Almquist"
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