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 BJ Shea

BJ'S BLOG 05/05/12 "May Day"

Congratulations Seattle, we’ve made national news again for something idiotic. On May 1st, also known as “May Day”, many people went out to protest with the intent to show the “1%” what life without the “99%” would look like and encourages all workers and students to take the day off in solidarity against income inequality.
Knowing that, many “anarchists” ran around downtown Seattle, destroying store windows and car windows, throwing urine filled bottles at police officers, and just vandalizing what they could. 
I know they have vandalism on the east coast as well but it just blows me away to see these morons running around with their black bandanas and destroying everything!
Many of them had back packs on and people were worried that they were carrying weapons when in reality it was just a change of clothes. They were so cowardly they would change back into their “normal clothes” so they could blend in with the crowd after causing destruction. 
When I think of the military men and women or police officers who go out in real danger everyday and fight for our freedoms, REAL heroes, and then think of these anarchists who are the antithesis, I have even bigger respect for anyone in the military and our police force. 
By the way, they don’t wear masks, everyone knows who they are; they are not cowards who smash and dash!
Do you think urinating in a bottle and throwing it someone who works a job to protect morons like you and is probably vastly underpaid is going to end capitalism. 
It also sucks for the people who were actually down there to protest because they are now associated with all of this. The protesters were just trying to get their message out, in a legal way, and I have to say that whether I agree with what they’re protesting or not, I support the hell out of what they are doing. They are trying to get their voices heard and they didn’t cause any harm to anyone. 
It’s the jerks that dress in masks that really piss me off. To all of you cowards who participated in the destruction, I have this to say: You deserve nothing because you’re a loser. Vandalism is not the answer to capitalism, idiots.  
Bottom line is this: If you really have a problem with how things are being run, you need to mobilize and vote out the incumbent, you can call yourself the “disruptive party”; this would really have an effect on this country. It would be non-violent, you wouldn’t disruptive anyone’s work day, but you would screw up the system.  Trust me the government would take notice more so than knocking down store windows. 

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05/03/2012 9:52AM
BJ'S BLOG 06/05/12 "May Day"
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