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 BJ Shea

BJ'S BLOG 05/09/12 "Boycotting"

The Parents Television Council (PTC) is at it again! Yesterday on the show, we talked about how the PTC is boycotting “America’s Got Talent” because Howard Stern is now going to be a judge on the show. As a part of the boycott, they’ve been sending letter to advertisers in attempts to pull the show off the air.

They don’t want Howard on the show because of his reputation of being controversial and edgy, but he’s a performer! That’s what he gets paid to do!

I am just so frustrated by boycotts that boycott legal activity that a lot of people like. A boycott is supposed to bring attention to a heinous situation the majority believes that needs to be changed. What I want to know is how some people could think that Howard Stern being on “America’s Got Talent” is such a big problem.

They sent letters to 91 different companies in hopes that NBC will cancel the whole show!

The Parents Television Council is using their religious belief system to terrorize companies in a country that allows you think and believe in what you want. 

If you have an issue with Howard, then don’t watch the show! Let the ratings decide, don’t go out and terrorize Americans and American companies for exercising their legal right of choice. 

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05/09/2012 9:48AM
BJ'S BLOG 05/09/12 "Boycotting"
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