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BJ'S BLOG 05/09/13 "No Turning the Other Cheek"

The news has been everywhere this week but if you haven’t heard, three women that have been missing for ten years have been found!

Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus and Michelle Knight managed to escape the home they were held captive on Monday after years of sexual and psychological abuse.  Police say that the women were apparently kept in different rooms where they were bound by ropes and chains at times.

They escaped when Amanda Berry broke through a door and ran for help and contacted the police who then helped rescue the other two women and her daughter Amanda bore while in captivity.

Ariel Castro has been charged for the rape and kidnapping of these three women and the judge set bail at $2 million for each criminal count he faces.

Also to be considered is how the abuse caused a ripple affect when something like this happens. 

What about the pain the families of these women suffered all these years thinking they might be dead and never had closure since their bodies were never found?
Imagine how much more pain they have to endure when they hear about the torture their loved ones went through over these last ten years.

As a father, I cannot imagine the hell it would be. 

We all have this instinct as human beings that makes up want to see these men pay for what they have done but there will be some who think that forgiveness is the correct path and we should turn the other cheek.

I feel like this government really has to do their job and punish these horrible human beings to the fullest extent; sadly I don’t feel like “the fullest extent” exists. The government never seems to do a good enough job punishing people who do something as heinous as this, they just “rehabilitate” these criminals. 

No one wants to see these men go through rehabilitation after they have caused so much horror and pain; we just want them to get a punishment that fits their crimes!

What really irritates me is all the passive people who think that these animals should get another chance and that we shouldn’t harbor any ill will towards them.  What would they do if they went through that same hell? They wouldn’t be talking about turning the other cheek that’s for sure. 

05/09/2013 8:34AM
BJ'S BLOG 05/09/13 "No Turning the Other Cheek"
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05/09/2013 12:19PM
"Turning the other cheek" is a very theistic attitude that I've found rarely produces the desired result. I suppose that's the atheist in me remembering things from my very religious upbringing. On the one hand, I keep thinking there is something mentally not right about people who do this sort of thing. Mentally unstable/sick people need help. However, the part of me that has endured some really hideous stuff in life completely agrees with you. As a mother of three myself, I've tried to imagine my reaction if this had happened to one of my kids. I'd most likely want the perpetrator to be subjected to the same vile acts they inflicted - times a factor of twenty or so. Then that little niggling issue of mental health would plague me. Yeah - conflicted. Renee H.
05/09/2013 3:10PM
I think...
I think we would all be better off without people like this guy running amok in society. Put him down. People who think otherwise are insane.
05/09/2013 3:13PM
Not Conflicted at all
While Ariel Castro is obviously not right the head, he knew exactly what he was doing and his mental health should not be any factor in his judgment or his sentencing whatsoever. This is exactly why the death penalty should be expanded for rapists and kidnappers, not just murderers because they take lives in their own way and nothing short of the gallows is sufficient punishment for people like this.
05/09/2013 3:45PM
Be done with it.
There should be no questions asked, just execute them and be done with it. Save the government money and give the media something else to talk about.
05/09/2013 3:50PM
I agree with you BJ. For some reason we have become very soft as a society. There is little consequence anymore. There is always a way out for disgusting sick bastards like these. Yeah, he may do time in prison....but big deal. He got away with his little fantasy life for many years and will suffer very little for it. In fact he will be allowed to hide behind the skirts of our society, safe and sound, to live out the rest of his pathetic life. Makes me sick. The risk to people like this is slim as the price they pay for their behavior is nothing but a large inconvenience. Our best bet is hoping someone in prison gets their hands on him..
05/09/2013 4:04PM
We put dogs down for biting humans...time for some justice and closure!
05/09/2013 5:56PM
Justice... And it's terrible.
One Room, one knife, one chair. Make LIGHT incision across stomach. Leave room with knife. Wait about 3 days until the SOB has to eat his intestines to stay alive.
05/09/2013 6:29PM
Hard Labor
It seems that in flash of anger when awful crimes are brought to light everyone screams death penalty. I personally believe that the death penalty is too easy and does not cover the cost of the crime, and torture does not necessary repay the victims for their loss; vengeance is not necessarily justice. These men do not owe a debt to society; they owe a debt to their victims. Restitution to the victims by the criminals is true justice, not to sounds crass but restitution is sometimes best defined in financial terms. The criminals should do hard labor for 10 years for each of the victims and all of the family members that suffered. With 90% of their earnings going to the victims and their families, not working would not be a choice; suicide would not be a choice. They will work until they die. The remaining 10% of their earning is taken to pay for their room and board. At least in this way the victims receive something for their suffering, this to me sounds better than the victims being forced to pay through taxes for the criminals to stay at a state penitentiary.
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