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BJ'S BLOG 05/11/12 "Responsibility for Women"

Yesterday we read an email from Chelsea during Group Therapy who has some serious problems. 
She recently broke up with a guy who treated her really poorly and moved to Portland, Oregon to live with her sister. 
After the break up, she found out she was three months pregnant and it belongs to her ex. Chelsea thought the right thing to do is to tell her ex since he is the father. When she told him, he immediately said he wanted to get back together with her to raise the baby together and if not, he would try to get complete custody of it. 
Chelsea doesn’t want to be with him yet she doesn’t want her kid to grow up without a father. 
I don’t mean to beat up Chelsea, but she’s 28 years old…that is old enough to know better. 
I’m going to use her as an example for other women.
Why would you have unprotected sex with someone you didn’t think you were going to be with much longer?  
You have to be responsible for your own vagina because no one else will. You don’t want to have a child in the midst of drama where there will be court cases and financially instability. Is that really the life you want to give your child? 
We know men are irrational when they are horny and I try my best to train guys to be proactive before they get into bed with anyone but we need to also be training the women on how to be responsible with their vagina. 
My word of advice to Chelsea is to seek some therapeutic advice from a professional. This doesn’t mean that you can’t make it, but it’s probably best you don’t start a relationship with this guy again and seek the proper support system for your life and your baby’s life. 

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05/11/2012 9:22AM
BJ'S BLOG 05/11/12 "Responsibility for Women"
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05/11/2012 1:37PM
Choice should be simple
The choice is really quite simple for this woman, get an abortion! Don't put yourself OR the child through an effed up relationship, women need to just grow up and be smarter these days. It offends me that she would have even MENTIONED this to her ex; she should have just gone to planned parenthood and started the paperwork for a referral to an abortion clinic. Save yourself and society from having to go through another screwed up kid cos the woman thinks with her vagina instead of using logic and rational thinking.
05/11/2012 5:49PM
You got stuck
She was irresponsible by hooking up with the guy she planned on leaving anyways. Now, like most women, they get themselves into a tough spot and grasp for help from whoever will lend it. The shitty part is now it doesn't only affect her and her ex, but now you got an innocent baby who never asked for all this B.S. so she needs to really think about her child and what the best decision is for him/her. Once a baby is involved, it changes everything and it's a huge responsibility.
05/11/2012 6:31PM
Two to tango
Both parties are responsible for birth control, but if she was wanting to leave the relationship, she should have been EXTRA careful or abstaining from sex with the guy. If she doesn't hurry up, abortion will be out of the question. Now she is going to ruin 3 lives (hers, his, and a poor kids) because she was stupid and stuck with a guy that treated her badly. FOREVER, because kids become adults at 18, but they still have life moments forever. I really hope it was good that night!
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