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BJ'S BLOG 05/13/13 "Incompetent Parenting"

Last Friday during the Lukewarm Topic, we read a story about a woman who should be nominated for mother of the year.
Deborah Tagle of Santa Fe, Texas waited seven hours to take her 14-year-old son to the hospital AFTER he was shot in the thigh! The reason she waited was becuase she was searching Web MD for how to treat a gun shot wound instead of taking her son to the hospital!
24-year-old Pete Jesse Rodriguez who lives with the boy and his mother, was playing a game with the teenager where Pete pointed and followed him with his gun as the boy ran.
Pete was arrested and charged with one count of injury to a child with intent to commit serious bodily injury and officials say that Deborah will be charged with injury to a child by omission.

I’m not sure what relation Pete is to the mother or son but regardless, he and Deborah are prime examples of why we should have parent licenses in this country.

People should be forced to pass a test proving they are smart enough to know what is safe and what is dangerous before they have any involvement with kids!

If we do start a parent licensing program, less and less children will be getting hurt due to incompetent adults who are in charge of them! 

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05/13/2013 9:45AM
BJ'S BLOG 05/13/13 "Incompetent Parenting"
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05/13/2013 12:03PM
Or just accept the fact that natural selection is a viable way to thin the herd. Human reproduction was designed to survive the species, not to save every life.
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