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BJ'S BLOG 05/14/14 "Lame Birthday Gift"

Some Rock-A-Holics are just plain hard to shop for. If you’re stuck for perfect gift ideas, we recommend Group Therapy! It’s one-size-fits-all, and has been described as “better than nothing” and “pretty much always available”.
We heard from Chloe, who started off with a story from her childhood: when she was 12, all she wanted in life was a copy of the Alanis Morissette album Jagged Little Pill. Unfortunately, her parents considered the album inappropriate, and wouldn’t allow her to have it.
Flash-forward to just a few days ago: it’s Chloe’s birthday once again. She told her husband that the only thing she wanted was a fancy knife to use while she’s cooking. Chloe says that she also mentioned the Jagged Little Pill fiasco to her husband “in passing.”
(Okay, hang on. In my experience, women don’t just casually mention major life stories “in passing”, but who am I to assume anything?)
So, in reviewing the information above, I think we all know what Chloe’s husband gave her for her birthday…right?
If you said “a copy of that Alanis Morissette album,” you’d be right. Please note the absence of the words “and a fancy knife.”
Chloe is furious about this. She says that she believes her husband was trying to be sentimental, but she’s also wondering if it’s okay to tell him that his gift is lame. I feel reasonably safe in assuming that Chloe made her desires clear, but her husband clearly didn’t pick up the hint. On the other hand, maybe she was a little bit too heavy-handed with the album story, and the message was garbled from “buy me a knife or I’ll be disappointed like I was when I was a kid” into “I’d probably cry a little if you fulfilled my childhood music wish.”
That kind of code can be tough to decipher sometimes. I’m not feeling too much sympathy for Chloe in this case, and if she’s this upset about a lame birthday gift, maybe giving her a sharp object isn’t the best plan of action now.
What do we think about this, good people?

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05/14/2014 8:07AM
BJ'S BLOG 05/14/14 "Lame Birthday Gift"
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05/15/2014 8:33AM
Always go above and beyond!
If my wife mentions something she wants or needs anytime after Christmas and before her b-day and it's in my budget she's getting it and whatever I wanted to get her for her b-day. If I have to pick between two thing to get her I will always ask her which she would rather have so as not to upset her on her b-day. This guy should have thrown in the fancy knife as well unless it was out of his budget.
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