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BJ'S BLOG 05/16/14 "Moving In Together...or NOT"

Your fellow Rock-A-Holics would love to spend some quality Group Therapy time with you, if you think you’re ready to take your relationship to the next level!
Here’s a little something from Julia, who contacted us on Facebook:
Julia has her own apartment, but her boyfriend never wants to stay with her. Instead, he always wants her to come to his place…specifically, the place that he shares with his mom, his brother, his brother’s girlfriend, and some pets. Julia’s boyfriend has even suggested that she should move in with him, and become yet another name on the long list of occupants who share his living situation.
The boyfriend’s place is always loud, with a frequent rotation of arguments, blaring TV noise, and barking dogs. Julia admits that her place isn’t the Grand Hotel – it doesn’t have sufficient cooling and heating, or a TV set -- but she has plenty of booze, and she still thinks that her situation is better than the alternative.  She has no intention of moving in with her boyfriend and his family, but she’s looking for a solution to the issue.
I don’t have a problem with the idea of sharing your home with family – people do it for various reasons, mostly financial – but I do find it strange that he would want to add another warm body into the mix.
Has anyone out there had a similar experience? How did you work it out?

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05/16/2014 7:20AM
BJ'S BLOG 05/16/14 "Moving In Together...or NOT"
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05/17/2014 1:50PM
Don't do it!
Just got out of the same situation, with above all people my ex-wife. I suggest a very strong, "oh hell no!" I stayed there while I was recovering from a work injury, and it was truly the house that crazy built. Stay where your at, if he wants to spend time with you, or be with you, he knows where your at!
05/20/2014 11:20AM
RE: Don't do it!
Wow! I hope you're doing much better now! -
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