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BJ'S BLOG 05/17/12 "Thin Skin"

Yesterday as we started off the show, I read a story that really got on my nerves. 
Donnell Battie from New Jersey is suing Wal-Mart for one million dollars after someone hijacked the intercom system and said something that caused Donnell “emotional distress.” 
TWO YEARS AGO on March 14, 2010, a 16-year-old, (who was not an employee) went on the intercom and said, “Attention Wal-Mart customers: All black people leave the store now.” 
The manager quickly went on the intercom system and apologized for what happen and the cops were called to arrest the 16-year-old on harassment and bias intimidation charges. 
Donnell says that the announcement has led to depression, anxiety, anger, loss of sleep and appetite, paranoia, anti-social tendencies and loss of enjoyment in activities and that he is suing Wal-Mart because they were negligent to let this happen in the first place. 
I think this jerk of a lawyer is negligent for taking this case! I am embarrassed to be a citizen of a country that allows people to sue over things as ridiculous as this!
Is your skin that thin that you can’t understand that a jerk is just being a jerk? 
I feel bad for Wal-Mart; yes they’ve made mistakes like any other company has but they seem to be the target for everything. They have apologized and said they would do everything in their power to make sure this doesn’t happen again and that is completely reasonable.
I would like to get on the intercom and say: Attention shoppers, anyone with thin skin please leave the store now!   

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05/17/2012 9:02AM
BJ'S BLOG 05/17/12 "Thin Skin"
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05/17/2012 10:35AM
The issue is money everyone needs it and wants it. Sometimes no matter what you do you can not get much of it. So instead of people robbing banks they are just suing anyone to try to get that payday. They will spend it all but not at walmart.
05/17/2012 11:35AM
My comment
BJ> you are welcome to share my comment with all of Washington, I would like to say yes i agree with what you have said. and i would like to say. it's not money. Money is just paper with print. The real problem is there are people who are so selfish and greedy and hateful and spoiled and lazy. They would like the rest of the world to do everything for them. and if they don't get what they want then they will throw a childish fit. In the world today there is even rich people who are still very selfish and greedy and so lazy they to would like the world to do everything for them. how many rich people do you see mowing there lawns or cooking a meal doing the laundry--cleaning the house or taking out the garbage? you don't see rich people doing this. because they have so much pride in there careers only because it provides them with enough money to not have to be physically responsible for anything. People all around the world need to Realize that being responsible is not just getting up and going to work or school or college . Being responsible is about taking responsibility for them selves and doing all those daily chores that are a part of life. I say this for all people rich and poor and middle class. Our Economy is going down hill only for 1 reason. It's Because even the highest Educated people who are in office--congress--state senates -state Governors--and yes even the president have all forgotten what it is to take full. not half but full responsibility for them selves . i know this is only my comment and freedom of speech in which we are all entitled to have. but i feel i speak the truth when i say. We the people need to all be more Responsible in life.
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