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BJ'S BLOG 05/20/14 "Would You Help a Friend Get Their Ring Back"

Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to get through this thing called Group Therapy.
Max’s friend is the Hard Luck Kid when it comes to potential spouses: just recently, Max’s friend caught his fiancee cheating on him. Even worse is the fact that this has happened to the poor guy twice! Max was going to be in the wedding, but that’s not happening now.
The ex-fiancee will not return the engagement ring. Max’s friend is upset for the obvious reasons, but he would also like to get some of his money back if he can. Engagement rings aren’t cheap, and eating the cost of one, especially after you find your bride-to-be cheating on you, is adding insult to injury.
Another friend who lives with the ex-fiancee has offered to just take the ring, which is in a drawer. This friend has no qualms about retrieving the ring, because the cheating ex actually brags about causing her former boyfriend anguish just by keeping it. Barring the involvement of the roommate, Max wonders if he should just find a way to snag it himself.
Guys (most of the time) spend a ton of money on engagement rings, but they often find themselves on the losing end of the deal if the relationship doesn’t reach the altar. Prenuptial agreements have been a common thing for many years now, but maybe it’s time to start securing the investment a little bit earlier. After all, an engagement ring does signify a very specific agreement, in and of itself. If athletes can lose their signing bonuses, maybe the game of love can have some draft pick financial penalties as well…
Max really wants to help his friend, but I am having a hard time endorsing the idea of just stealing the ring outright, and that’s really the only idea I’m hearing at the moment. It’s too bad, because this ex-fiancee sounds the like textbook definition of “a real piece of work.”
How do you feel about this one, Rock-A-Holics?

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05/20/2014 7:14AM
BJ'S BLOG 05/20/14 "Would You Help a Friend Get Their Ring Back"
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05/20/2014 11:33PM
would I?...........
NO. I agree it should be returned
05/21/2014 4:23PM
Take it as a life lesson
Engagement rings are gifts. I am so tired of people playing these games. He bought her a gift, and yes it was a really pricey gift and she sounds like a real b**** but you don't get to take all your gifts back and go home like a child.... actually most of these "group therapies" sound like a lot of people need to grow up.
05/22/2014 11:57AM
Take the her to court
To the person that posted above me, YOU ARE WRONG. I know from a friend of mine that this is not true. An engagement ring is a ring given with the assumption of marriage in the future. If a marriage is no longer going to happen, the ring goes back. You promised to marry the person that bought the ring and were you to get married you'd have promised to love and be faithful to that person. Clearly this hoebag did neither of these things. If he takes her to small claims court, he WILL get the ring back. It's actaully a law. NO marraige= NO ring.
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