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BJ'S BLOG 05/21/13 "Take a Look in the Mirror "

Last week, a Rock-A-Holic named Heather sent us message which I read during Group Therapy.
She dated a guy for two years and has a one-year-old with him. While they were together, he did cheat on her and is currently with the girl he cheated with. The issue is, he is now cheating on his current girlfriend… with Heather!

She wanted to know if she should just tell his current girlfriend about what is going on so that the other girl can leave them be or if there is even a point because this guy is destined to be a cheater forever.

The fact that she is considering getting back together with a cheater means she deserves it! She deserves being with a cheating man. On top of that, she is doing the painful thing that was done to her! She is helping a man cheat on their partner!

Heather needs to take a good hard look in the mirror and figure out who is responsible for the crap in her life, because when a person realizes this, only then will they be capable of making the necessary changes to make things better.

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05/21/2013 9:15AM
BJ'S BLOG 05/21/13 "Take a Look in the Mirror "
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05/21/2013 4:33PM
Thank you
BJ, You speak all the time about topics like this and I just want to thank you. I started listening to your show about 7 months ago and you have opened my eyes to so much. Since I have realized my mother is the type of woman who just blows through men like they don't matter, she has 7 kids with 4 dads and always places the blame for the problems in her life on others. She also suffers from anorexia, something I had no knowledge of until about a year ago when she confessed it to my family mainly because the doctors told her we should be prepared as she could have a stroke or heart-attack at any moment. She has kept the secret since she was 15. She eats once a week on average! After hearing the news from her doctors she still won't go to therapy! I have refused to have a relationship with her until she agrees to go to therapy with me and my other siblings. I have started going back to therapy and resumed taking my medication (I am bipolar). I ended an unhealthy relationship in which I stayed with a serial cheater, I realized exactly what you were saying in your blog, I was letting him do it me by not ending the relationship and thus telling him it was ok. I had planned on being single after the relationship ended so I could work on me, but I unexpectedly bumped into an old friend from high school and we have started dating. The level of respect and support from him is amazing, he understands I have alot to work through, I am also a survivor of long term sexual abuse as a child. I try to talk everything out with him as my mood disorder can make it difficult at times. I'm no where near where I want to be, but your words really did make me look in the mirror at the person I was and say that's not who I want to be.
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