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 BJ Shea

BJ'S BLOG 05/25/12 "Get Protected"

Yesterday during Group Therapy, we read a message Matt sent us on Facebook. 
Matt and his wife have been together for ten years and have been married for almost two years. 
They have two houses and a new car under both of their names. 
For the last 3-4 months, his wife has been acting distant from Matt and recently told him that she is no longer in love with him and wants to take a break. 
After Matt looked into more closely, he found out that she had been sneaking around behind his back with another man. When he talked to her about it she said she has only talked and kissed him a lot. His wife did agree to go to counseling to try to fix this but Matt isn’t sure if it will help and if he could ever trust her again.  
This really is a very difficult situation. I always say that counseling is the way to go; it will help you put things in perspective and help you figure out where you want to go to in your relationship.
The one thing that concerns me is that she said she doesn’t love you Matt anymore. Everyone gets stressed out and makes mistakes and sometimes they do things they wouldn’t do normally but that doesn’t seem to be the case here. 
You just don’t say that you don’t love your spouse anymore for no reason.
The best advice I can give Matt is to get counseling for himself and call a lawyer to know how to protect himself if they do get a divorced. 

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05/25/2012 9:52AM
BJ'S BLOG 05/25/12 "Get Protected"
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