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BJ'S BLOG 05/28/14 "Helping a Friend Get a Job"

Hello again, good people! If you need some Group Therapy, I heartily recommend the services of your fellow Rock-A-Holics!
(If they don’t help you out, please forget that I ever vouched for them.)
Will contacted us on Facebook, and he’s looking for some advice. A female friend of Will’s recently asked him for some help in getting hired at a restaurant, because Will happens to know the owners fairly well. This friend is a hard worker, even though she’s never had a job before…but there might be a complication.
Will’s friend expressed interest in a co-worker; he recommended that she avoid pursuing a work relationship, but she dumped her boyfriend and is now getting busy with the chef! Will is pretty stressed out about the possibility that this relationship will cause problems in the restaurant, but he’s not sure if he should get involved.
Recommending a friend for a job with someone you know can be a nerve-wracking situation: you don’t know how they’ll perform, and there’s always the possibility that their actions could come back to reflect negatively on you because you recommended them.
I’ve gone down this road before, but I don’t let it stress me out. I make recommendations when I feel they’re merited, but I also don’t feel like I should be held accountable if things go completely sideways on the job. You perform your function as the middle-man, or agent, or whatever…and then you walk away.
How do you feel about this one, Rock-A-Holics? Do you have any advice for Will, or stories of job recommendation tragedies and triumphs? Sound off!

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05/28/2014 7:32AM
BJ'S BLOG 05/28/14 "Helping a Friend Get a Job"
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05/28/2014 11:10AM
Stay out of it.
Concentrate on doing your own job well that's what you're there for.
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