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BJ'S BLOG 06/01/12 "Ian Stawicki"

Yesterday we talked about some of the biggest news that has hit Seattle.
On Wednesday, 41-year-old Ian Stawicki opened fire at Cafe Racer Espresso in Seattle's University District killing four people. Then later killed a fifth woman in a different location during a confrontation in which he stole her car. 
Ian Stawicki later shot himself and died Wednesday night at Harborview Medical Center. 
Ian’s father, Walter Stawicki, has come out and said that his Ian had a negative view of the world.

Walter also said that he thought that his son was bipolar and tried getting help for him, but his family eventually gave up.  
In reaction to the shootings, Mayor Mike McGinn has announced plans to try to change state guns laws.
"Our focus will be on what we can do with the resources we have at hand," said the mayor. "We will look to change state law," but "my charge to the police department is that we have to double our efforts to get at these individuals with guns." 
That is not going to fix anything. Rather than having the mayor come out saying we need better gun control, we should be looking at ways to keep mentally unstable people away from the rest of us…especially if a family believes that another family member needs medication. 
There should be a system that makes sure we got those people evaluated and put on the proper treatment.
Horrible situations like this week’s shootings happen because there are people who are mentally unstable and/or addicted to drugs/alcohol running around free. 
The people to blame for this are not the policemen because they did a great job wrapping up this ordeal in a day despite the fact that they still need more resources. The real people are to blame are the politicians. 
Politicians are in bed with big business, big business can only sell to you when you’re scared; that’s why politicians won’t do anything to help this because they want you to continue being scared. 
If we want things to change we must vote out the incumbent to show that we don’t like how things are being run and we to live in a place where we don’t have to worry about people like Ian Stawicki. 

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06/01/2012 10:00AM
BJ'S BLOG 06/01/12 "Ian Stawicki"
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06/01/2012 4:36PM
Well said BJ
I have advocated for better mental health resources for over 15 years. I was married to a untreated bipolar schizophrenic who tried to kill himself and others-unsuccessfully, fortunately. The state has cut back all the programs-always the first fundingto be pulled!!
06/02/2012 7:46AM
A family member of mine was bipolar and refused help for a long time, threatened violence (didn't own a gun) but when my family tried to get the state involved they basically said, "Not until his does something" He eventually got help but in this case with the shooter, the person did something so he's following our state's mental health policies. Do something crazy and harmful and then we'll try to help you.
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