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BJ'S BLOG 06/03/13 "Justin Bieber, Keyshawn Johnson and Ellen DeGeneres"

Today's blog is another guest blog from Dan Sanders:
What do Justin Bieber, Keyshawn Johnson and Ellen DeGeneres have in common, nothing? Except that I am going to talk about them.
If Keyshawn has his way Little Bieber may in up in traction. And Ellen DeGeneres may get lost in her 26 million dollar new mansion. This is not her first mansion, the last one she bought she sold for a profit. I can’t help but wonder what the mark up is on 26 million. However, she will probably sell it to someone. I understand the little Bieber may soon be looking for a new neighbor.
Warren Buffett also will be included in this podcast. Warren Buffett 3rd richest man in the world also had a few things to say, as usual about Congress, millionaires, billionaires and the little people like Ellen Ungenerous. Now ungenerous may be unfair to say. It’s not that she’s ungenerous. It’s just that she has a very strong fear of being homeless.
Little Bieber doesn’t drive too fast; it’s just that the speed limit is to slow.
And Keyshawn Johnson didn’t chase little Bieber to give him a good lecture on manners and safety. He really just perhaps wanted to beat the crap out of him.
Bon Jovi has the cure for Bieber Fever: "Be an A-Hole who shows up 2-hours late."
I assume he means for the little Bieber show, and I think that would be great. Imagine little beaver Beiber going on stage and seeing only empty seats. I think I would be right in the front row with my back to him and applauding the audience that was not there. 

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06/03/2013 8:04AM
BJ'S BLOG 06/03/13 "Justin Bieber, Keyshawn Johnson and Ellen DeGeneres"
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