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BJ'S BLOG 06/06/13 "Parents Being Children"

A Rock-A-Holic name Stephanie wrote to us asking for some advice on an issue she is having with her parents.

She is 18-years–old and her parents have been divorced for over 8 years now. Her mother remarried a year after was divorced and Stephanie’s step dad has been an important part of her life since; he became a second father to her.

Last month however, she found out her mom is cheating on her step dad and when she confronted her, she didn’t deny it! 

Stephanie told her mom that she has a week to confess to her step father otherwise she was going to tell him what is going on. Her mom said that can’t because she was cheating with Stephanie’s biological father, the one she divorced over eight years ago. 

She was shocked and irate at both her parents because of what they were doing to her step dad and to her! She wanted to know why if they were going to be having an affair with each other; they put her through a horrible divorce in the first place.

Her parents are acting like selfish idiots. They don’t see the trauma they are putting their daughter though! Even though she is 18-years-old, it doesn’t mean she is not young enough to be hurt by all of this.

I also want to know how Stephanie found out. How bad of an adult is her mother that she couldn’t keep her kid from finding out the stupid things she’s doing?

On top of that, her mother is cheating on a man who has been with her for all these years and has been a good father figure to her daughter! He doesn’t deserve to be treated like crap from such a selfish human being.

It is just sad to see that kids are the voice of reason and the parents are acting immature children.

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06/06/2013 9:28AM
BJ'S BLOG 06/06/13 "Parents Being Children"
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06/13/2013 2:43PM
Meh - pick your battles
I am sure this is horrific to Stephanie, but she's going to have to get over it; damage is done and there is no pain free resolution now.
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