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BJ'S BLOG 06/07/13 "Let them Grieve"

Yesterday on the show, we played audio of an example of embarrassment in broadcasting.

A news station in Rhode Island tried interviewing Melissa Lawrence when she threw rocks, yelled curse words, ran at them with a bat and sent her dogs after the news crew.

The reason they were trying to interview her was because the alleged gunman who shot and killed her daughter turned himself in and they wanted to get her opinion on it. Her daughter Ny’asia was 16-years-old.
She has since been charged with two counts of felony assault and has been released on a $50,000 bail, but could face more charges.
Watch the video of went down here:

I cannot blame Melissa for her reaction; she just went through one of the most traumatic experiences any parent could go through and then some reporter wants to just stick a microphone in her face.
It’s sad to see that people don’t even get to grieve properly. I’m not condoning violence but I understand why she reacted so passionately.
Hey TV News, let me save you some time and money; people who lose loved ones feel very sad. You’re welcome. 

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06/07/2013 9:32AM
BJ'S BLOG 06/07/13 "Let them Grieve"
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06/07/2013 11:44AM
news reporters
i believe if they had not gone up to her with camera rolling, and just askedif she wanted to be filmed. if not they could of asked her off camera. she probably would have said no they should of just left.
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