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BJ'S BLOG 06/08/12 "Posting Pictures on Facebook"

Yesterday during Group Therapy, I read an email from a Rock-A-Holic named James and I have to say that that this is one of the most disturbing and strange Group Therapies we’ve had in a long time. 

James has a friend who was six months pregnant and had a miscarriage. The sad thing was that the baby was big enough to go through the delivery, which I can imagine is a horrible thing to endure. 
James sent his thoughts and support to the family and thought that it would end there.

The next day, while James was scrolling through the news feed on Facebook, he saw many very vivid pictures of the glistening fetus that had been dead for two days.

James was weirded out because there was no warning or disclaimer before looking at the pictures, they were just right there. What he wanted to know is if this is normal or not to post on Facebook.

I don’t know what is classified as “normal” because I haven’t been in the social networking world long, but I know for some people, it’s been around for most of their lives. Grieving is a very difficult thing and I know that miscarrying a baby is a painful thing for a woman, but I have to admit this would be a little weird to see on Facebook.

The thing about posting it on Facebook, you are forcing what you post on everyone who is your friend.

Some could argue that those images are disturbing and could cause physically or mental discomfort to someone.

The thing I find interesting is that people are free to post these types of images which make some people uneasy and are depressing, but we can’t post a picture of a naked breast which for most people on the planet would find it to be a happy thing.

We as men are told not to say dirty jokes around women or say certain things when we’re turned on because they are offensive and we should take their feelings into consideration. Well, I believe that this should work both ways. Our feelings should be taken into consideration when dealing with something that would make most people uneasy; it’s the fair thing to do. 

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06/08/2012 9:20AM
BJ'S BLOG 06/08/12 "Posting Pictures on Facebook"
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06/08/2012 11:41PM
Not wierd, but sick and depraved
Sorry, but I find such pictures very distrbing and rather sickening.... Im not a prude, but a miscarriaged fetus is NOT a dead kitten or puppy but a potential human being,. Such pictures should not be posted on a social site, IMHO. Tome it crosses the line. Im wondering if the Mother knows of this? Robert in Renton
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