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BJ'S BLOG 06/10/13 "How Times Have Changed"

Today's blog is from one of my mentors, Dan Sanders:
I do not believe that all people are selfish, single minded, narrow thinking, racist, violent, or fat. I do believe that some people are all the above. I also believe that a large number of the ones that suffer from the above nonproductive traits are not born that way but are a product of our society in all its surreptitious ways of mind control.
And of course, the media, which I have been a loyal card-carrying member for the last 40 some and very odd years, I always had a love-hate relationship with that wonderful form of often misused and misunderstood form of communication. For example, if not for the media coverage where would - Dominique Ansel be? He would be alone and fat and full of Cronuts. If you don't know who - Dominique Ansel’s is. Then surely you are by now aware of the cardiologist best friend, the Cronut. And if you are not conscious of what a Cronut is it may be due to either hiding behind a rock or still in a sugar coma. But you are going to learn more than perhaps you ever thought you would about the Cronut in this pod-cast.
Of course, life would not be complete for the media without a few incredible stupid acts by Justin Bieber. In Justin’s case, the media does not have to look for, but it may be encouraging such bone head actions. The Bieb is supplying plenty of dumb things to talk about. And in this pod-cast, I will talk about how one of the local R stations here in Boston has, in my opinion, helped to propagate and influence of bad behavior, not just from the little Bieber but from the fans, who idolize him.
Another big piece of news from this week is the monitoring of phone calls, email, Facebook, shaving cream, just kidding, I think about shaving cream. But if the shaving can starts clicking sounds like a camera,  then start smiling.
I don’t think I mentioned much about this government watching us program in this pod-cast, but I will in the future. What I do want to say here is. If, and of course, they really are, there is no “If” about it, we are being watched by BIG brother. I’m not sure how I feel about this except to say I personally have nothing to worry about. I have nothing to say on line, on phone or in private written in a blog said in a pod-cast or left in pretty colors on a fading wall that I would not say to the president directly. I have no violent methods, and I am an American all the way back to my mother and her Cherokee ancestry. So listen in government, I have nothing to hide, and if it makes me safer then, so be it. The world has become a very violent place, and it is no longer in some distant land. It is in our own back yards. I think, George Orwell’s ( Eric Arthur Blair (25 June 1903 – 21 January 1950) thinking did not envision the needs for such security. If someone is threatening my home, and I put up security cameras and I see you walking up, plain as the day a friend, no threat, no worry, so what do you care? But if I see you coming up with a hood over your head, and you run away, then I suspect the camera is doing its job.
In a finale note from the age of more innocent times, when movies were musicals, and fantasy, dance and song, and not one explosion after another, killings and hate desensitizing us to violence, making it almost acceptable, we know it’s OK we saw it on the big screen or the TV.
As a child and young man, I fell in love with the beauty of Ester Williams and synchronized swimming. Ester was also the champion who made synchronized swimming a competitive sport.
Ester Williams died at 91 a few days ago, and with her, another part of what once was a much different world. However, it’s a world I hope we can regain in small positive steps.
That is if the Cronut doesn't make us to fat to walk at all.
Catch Dan's latest podcast here:

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06/10/2013 7:25AM
BJ'S BLOG 06/10/13 "How Times Have Changed"
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06/10/2013 11:42AM
Sorry Disagree
Sorry BJ, this guy is WAAAAY off and he perpetuates the idea that if I have nothing to hide then it's no big deal. We have blinds on our houses so that people can't see in, we have the OPTION to open them. This is not the case with blanket, unwarranted, spying. I am sorry, but I like my privacy and I like my 4th amendment - both of which is being infringed here and it is all thanks to the patriot act. If I have nothing to hide or if I do it isn't right to blanket infringe on EVERYONE'S privacy for the sake of "security" and "anti-terrorism"; what they are doing is domestic terrorism while flying the flag of freedom. Like Metallica said,"Freedom with their exceptions"
06/10/2013 3:09PM
06/11/2013 5:27AM
To Ditto and Sorry To Disagree
To Ditto and sorry to disagree, I really respect your opinion, and I truly understand where you are coming from. Even a year ago I would have been right there with you. I live a very private life, and I like it that way. I do not want anyone, especially the government sticking their noses in my business. As Mark Twain said, defend your country at all times and your government only when it deserves it. I will admit that on some level I do still agree with you, but I started leaning the other way when they blew up people at the Boston Marathon. I live in Boston and had friends very close to where the bombs went off. They are lucky to be alive. I do not have right wing hard core conservative friends. I wouldn’t want any. However, even they are wondering about safety and security during this time. As Gandhi said, “What is truth for me today may not be truth for me tomorrow” I think the worst thing in a human being is an inflexible mind. By the way, “this guys” name is Dan Sanders.
06/11/2013 12:11PM
PS to Ditto and Sorry to Disagree and Whoever
Comments are always more than welcome. Democracy is; two lions and a lamb voting on dinner and the lamb contesting the vote. So I love truthful honest feed back sometime the lamb sometime the lion. I will discuss all this further on next blog-podcast The name is Sanders, Dan Sanders LOL
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