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BJ'S BLOG 06/12/13 "Butt Patt"

Yesterday on the show, we talked about how former NFL player Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson got sentenced to 30 days in prison…for a butt pat!

It all started last year when he head butted his then wife Evelyn Lozada during an argument. He was in court because he had failed to meet the requirements of his probation.

 Luckily for him, he reached a deal where he had to attend community service and counseling instead of going to jail plus three months probation.

The judge was about to sign the plea deal when Chad congratulated his lawyer by smacking him on the ass which caused the room to burst out in laughter and infuriated the judge.

Check out the video here:

The judge said, “I just saw you slap your attorney on the backside. Is there something funny about this? The whole courtroom was laughing. I’m not going to accept these plea negotiations. This isn’t a joke.”
Chad said that he didn’t mean it as a joke.

Look, I understand that for most athletes being submissive and learning to surrender is a hard thing to do but he should have taken accountability and said something like, “I’m sorry judge; that was a stupid thing for me to do, I apologize.”
I think jail would serve him well because he might be able learn a lesson from all of this. 

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06/12/2013 9:28AM
BJ'S BLOG 06/12/13 "Butt Patt"
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06/12/2013 12:08PM
Come on...
That's ridiculous.. She said he should thank his lawyer for what he did. So he did what she said in a way that 99% of athletes do. It's not like he could have realized that everyone would laugh about it. It may not be a funny matter, but she seems like she needs to unclinch a little. Even if he'd said something she'd just throw the book at him anyway.
06/12/2013 12:17PM
The judge is COMPLETELY abusing her power like MOST judges do..
Its gross that a judge can do such things. JAIL DOESNT HELP ANYONE!
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